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Makati Hospitals and Health Care

Makati Hospitals and Health Care


The City of Makati has always been known to be a booming commercial district. Almost all the good malls are here in Makati but aside from the convenience of modern living, this city has something else to offer. This city has excellent hospitals and health care providers.

Makati Medical Center

This Makati hospital is located right where it all happens on Ayala Avenue. Makati Medical Center was recently renovated and the creation of a new wing expanded the services that this Makati hospital offers. Makati Medical Center is not a new hospital, in fact it’s almost 4 decades old and the architecture of the former main building will attest to that. However this should not be a reason to dismiss the kind of health care this Makati hospital provides because aside from the state of the art medical equipment that it uses, Makati Medical Center has distinguished doctors and dedicated medical attendants. This Makati hospital offers two different kinds of services: medical and support. Among the medical services offered by the Makati Medical Center are pulmonary diseases, orthopedics, radiology, surgery, dermatology, emergency medicine and the list goes on. Under support services on the other hand, this Makati hospital is committed to making sure their patients come first with nursing services, medical records, pharmacy, dietary, finance and medical education. For a detailed list of the services offered by the Makati Medical Center and the directory of doctors that hold clinic here, simply visit their website www.makatimed.net.ph

Patient’s First

Conveniently located at the Glorietta Mall, Patient’s First provides efficient and effective health care by making sure that their patients are attended to promptly and diagnosed using state of the art technology and modern equipment. Patient’s First is a really an outpatient clinic that is right on top of a drug store so this is really a one-stop medical center. The professionals of Patient’s First regardless of whether they are nurses, doctors, or part of the admin, are highly trained. This Makati hospital also has ambulatory health care and offer a very wide range of diagnostic services, medical and dental to name a few. Patient’s First is open everyday of the week from 9am to 8pm and the doctors that hold clinic at this Makati hospital have various specialties so one is assured that one is getting more than just the basic primary health care. Although Patient’s First does not have its own website, their contact number is (02) 451-8888.

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