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Samar Hotels and Resorts

Samar Hotels and Resorts


Samar is a very interesting place to visit with several tourist attractions that are considered as natural wonders. Samar hotels are not that easy to find though because although there are several good ones, they are not as well advertised as the other hotels in the Philippines.

Rolet Hotel

Rolet Hotel was built at a time that there was an urgent need to increase the number of hotels in Samar and that was in 2001. The good thing about this Samar hotel is that despite the high demand for tourist lodging in Samar it didn’t follow the economic principle that the higher the demand, the less the supply, the higher the cost. Rolet Hotel has rooms for as low as US $22 but despite its incredibly low rates, this Samar hotel delivers when it comes to a good night’s sleep and good facilities. The rooms at Rolet Hotel are very spacious, comfortably accommodating up to 4 people and all have air conditioning and its own private bathroom.

There is no hot shower at this Samar hotel though but one will hardly miss this because of how refreshed one will feel after a shower. The Rolet Hotel is very clean, it has queen sized beds in all the rooms and it has very friendly personnel. This Samar hotel is very small and although it has no restaurant of its own, there are many outside which are a walking distance and reception will gladly point out the best ones to dine at. The Rolet Hotel only has 11 rooms but it does have a swimming pool where one can do a couple of laps.

Jasmin Beach Resort

If one is Amambucale, a good Samar hotel that comes highly recommended is the Jasmin Beach Resort. True to its name, this Samar hotel looks out to the sea and one can take a romantic stroll at night under the moon and the stars on the beach. The rooms are moderately prices at Jasmin Beach Resort with rates starting at US $48 and it has good amenities. Among the amenities included at this Samar hotel are a pool, restaurant and a business center.

The food served at the restaurant of Jasmin Beach Resort is just heavenly and one is served authentic Filipino dishes that will have one craving for more. Sunsets and sunrises are also beautiful at the Jasmin Beach Resort and this is not only an ideal Samar hotel for families, but also for couples and honeymooners. Jasmin Beach Resort also has tour packages and can accommodate large groups.

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