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Ormoc Government Sites

Ormoc Government Sites

Ormoc City: An Advocate of Clean and Green City

When the Department of Interior and Local Government or DILG initiated a clean and green drive amongst the cities all over the Philippines, the city of Ormoc had been the steady victor or winner of the Cleanest and Greenest City program since 1995. After achieving such feat, Ormoc City did not stop as such; rather they made their way to gain the most business-friendly city in the Visayas Region honor in 2005 by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and industry. Ormoc City would never accomplished recognition without the places natural beauty combined with historical and cultural heritage.

The Assets of Ormoc City

Since the tragic event that took place way back 1991, the city of Ormok bounced back drastically and became a very competitive city in terms of tourism and economic stability. The following are some of the must-see places in Ormoc City. The Agua Dulce Artesian Well had been built during the Spanish regime and the Ormocanons are still benefiting from its sweet tasting water until today. In commemoration of the victims of the 1991 flash flood, the locals had built a Mass Grave where the remains of the casualties had been buried and yearly (during November) they offer a Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist and flowers for their dearly beloved. Ormocanons value for international pact and friendship can be seen at the Philippines-Japan Peace Memorial. It served as an obvious memento of the post-Second World War between Japanese and Filipinos. The Puente de la Reina is the oldest known bridge in the city dating back the mid-1800. During the Spanish regime, it served as docking spot for traders. The Veterans Centennial Park is another prominent Ormoc City landmark in honor of the Filipino war veterans for the liberation of Leyte. This park is very suitable for picnic and family bonding. Its captivating view of the city leaves visitors captivated.

The Power of the Internet and The Progress of Ormoc City

The growth of the city of Ormoc in terms of tourism and economic permanence depends on strong networking. To keep up with the pace of international competitiveness, the local government of Ormoc City is using the World Wide Web or the internet for potential tourists and business financiers. To give these visitors and investors a glimpse of what to expect in the city of Ormoc by just a few clicks, the local government created an official website (http://www.ormoc.gov.ph/). This website will allow easy access to the beauty and wonders of the city of Ormoc.

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