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Philippines: More Than Affordable Hotels

Philippines: More Than Affordable Hotels

Whether you’re a sucker for death-defying adventures or an advocate of the Hug-A-Tree movement, you’re bound to experience limitless thrills when you visit the Philippines. Situated in the tropics, the Philippines can be an amazing destination if you love the sun, sand and surf. What’s more astonishing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of greenbacks to check in to Philippines’ plush hotels. Here’s the list of things you need to check out when you’re in the Philippines:

Bikini Babes in Boracay

Renowned to be Philippines’ prime beach hangout, no one can probably resist basking in the powdery white sands of Boracay. It definitely is not your run-of-the-mill beach resort. Aside from sunbathing and swimming in its pristine waters, the fun fires up at night where you can attend numerous beach parties until the break of dawn.

You will never miss the sun-kissed ladies clad in their sexy bikinis waiting to shake their booties with you. There’s no problem with accommodations in Boracay because there are dozens of first-rate hotels. One tip would be to book early before coming to the Philippines in April or May. All hotels can be packed during this peak season and you might not score a bikini babe when you don’t have a hotel room.

Eco-Challenge in Subic

As a former site of U.S. Naval Base in the Philippines, Subic has transformed into a splendid tourist attraction. Aside from being a world-class beach, you can even challenge yourself to some jungle survival training with an indigenous group in the Philippines.

These natives will teach you how to cook food, find water and find your way out, in case you get lost in the wilderness. What’s best is that all the things the natives will teach you are environment-friendly tips in surviving around as you will learn to create tools out of bamboo.

For those who seek heart-stopping pursuits, you can even try bungee jumping amidst Subic’s lush green forest. Like in Boracay, numerous hotels scatter around Subic. One of the hotels there even has a casino, where you can channel the luck you lost in jungle survival.

Surf Your Heart Out in Siargao

Hidden in the Southern part of the Philippines, Siargao is an island that is now getting numerous raves from surfing enthusiasts. Although the place is still raw and bereft of commercial hotels, skim boarders and surfers alike flock to the island to ride the crests and troughs of Siargao’s wonderful waves. In fact, the place is now being tapped to host international surfing competitions.

Aside from these three potential places of interest in the Philippines, you will discover that this list could never be complete without mentioning the warm and cordial demeanor of the Filipino people to its tourists. More than the affordable hotels and captivating beaches, it is the hospitality of the Filipino people that would convince you that it is indeed an amazing destination.

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