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Laoag Destination Guides

Laoag Destination Guides


When in Ilocos Norte, no one will be able to resist a visit to its First Class City, Laoag. This commercial hub which is the home of former First Lady Imelda Marcus is rich in history but it is a very developed city. Several Laoag destinations capture bits and pieces of this history and with each site visited, one will realize that there is so much to appreciate in Laoag.

Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte

Known for its very diverse culture, there is no better place to learn about it than the Laoag destination of Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte. Where this Laoag destination stands today used to be an old tobacco warehouse and this was the biggest industry during here during the Spanish times. There are so many local tribes in Laoag and a visit to the Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte will help one learn more about each and every one including the Igorots. There are several items from each tribe that are on display here and some of the artifacts date centuries back. The main attraction though at the Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte, is the ancestral house and one can take a walk through this mansion and feel as if one is living exactly during that time period. There is a nominal entrance fee to enter Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte and these funds are used to maintain this unique heritage site. As a bonus, there are several small souvenir shops inside and outside the Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte. For those who think that visits to museums are dull, a trip made to this Laoag destination will definitely change that.

Bangui Wind Farm

Another favorite Laoag destination of tourists is the Bangui Wind Farm and because of its proximity to the beautiful Pagudpud beaches, there is a very big chance of coming across this place. Bangui Wind Farm is in the small town of Bangui and aside from its beauty, this Laoag destination is what draws people here. The Bangui Wind Farm has 15 massive wind turbines that stand over 200 feet tall and its purpose is to general mechanical energy which is later on converted to electricity. Visitors always make it a point to have their photos taken with these structures in the background. There is an entrance fee to the Bangui Wind Farm and it costs less than Php 100. There is also a tour guide inside this Laoag destination that explains the entire process and provides a brief history of the Bangui Wind Farm.

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