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General Santos Sightseeing Guide

General Santos Sightseeing Guide

General Santos is one of the modern cities in the Philippines. It ranks as among the best cities to live in Mindanao. The city is home to many companies and factories. It is now known as one of the best places to visit while you are in the Philippines. There are many things you can see and do if you are interested in visiting General Santos.

1. Kalaja Karst Area – This is a place you should definitely visit if you are in General Santos. It is located nine miles from the town of Conel. This is a reserve with natural wonders that feature different animals as well as a camping sight for campers. You can even check out the Kalaja cave and have a spelunking adventure. In the cave is water about ten feet deep. They always give a guide when you are visiting the cave. The reserve also has some of the best waterfalls in General Santos. You can also have a hiking or climbing adventure with your friends while going around the reserve.

2.Lake Sebu – This is where the tribe known as the T’boli lived before. They like living within a short distance from the lake. The lake is so clear and pure. The whole area surrounding the lake is peaceful. Many people believed that it is a mythical and miraculous body of water.

3. Lake Maughan – This is another lake with a natural reserve. Tourists visiting can see exotic flora and fauna.

4. The Kalsangi Golf course – This is a good place to visit for golf fans. This is next to the Mountain called Matutum.

5. The settlements of the tribe of the T’bolis – There are still some T’bolis living in the western side of Sebu lake. Tourists can visit the place and you can have an educational experience about their culture.

6. Mountain Matutum – This is a mountain that is two thousand meters tall. This is one of the highest peaks in Mindanao. Many Filipino climbers have climbed the mountain and they enjoy the nice view and the variation in the landscape.

7. Nopol Hills– These are hills near General Santos city. If you are coming from Kalaja Karsts you can easily go to the hills in just thirty minutes. From the hills tourists can see the Sarangani Bay and have a good view of it. Most people go there to enjoy the sunset with their families and friends.

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