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Dipolog Sightseeing and Activities

Dipolog Sightseeing and Activities

Dipolog City in Zamboanga has many places of interests for tourist activities like sightseeing, pilgrimage, nature tripping. Historical landmarks, religious shrines and pristine natural formations are some of the places to visit in Dipolog City.

Those who want to go on a pilgrimage trip or go hiking should go to Linabo Peak. The feature of this destination is the more than three thousand concrete steps going up the summit. Lush green vegetation and fresh cool air accompany the visitor while navigating these steps. Linabo Peak is the location where the Katkat Sakripisyo takes place every Lenten Season. Devotees go up the peak to ask for absolution, self-sacrifice and comtemplation. At an elevation of four hundred eighty six meters above sea level, Linabo Peak offers sightseeing tourists a spectacular bird’s eye view. One can behold the cities of Dipolog and Dapitan amidst the azure sky and sea.

Sightseeing and communing with nature are activities that can be enjoyed by tourists while they are in Cogon Eco-Park. This reforested area offers sightseeing visitors and adventures the chance to hike a forest trail that has lush vegetation of different kinds of trees like Acacia, Mahogany, Lumbayao, Teak, Molave, Yamane, Lauan, Narra, Mayapis, Marig, Duguan, Nato and Rattan. Inside this park is the Sungkilaw Falls, where one can swim in the cool refreshing pool created by the waterfall.

For the beach lovers and enthusiasts of aquatic activities, the Sicayab Beach is the place to go. This beach is popular among local and foreign tourists. This long stretch of beach boasts of clean clear waters that are ideal for swimming, picnics, snorkeling and jet skiing. Dakak Beach, on the other hand, boasts of fine white sand. The islands of Aliguay and Silinog Islands are points of interest for those who want to avoid the usual crowd.
Dipolog also boasts of destinations for sightseeing under water, also known as scuba diving. Liuay Rock, Mushroom Wall, Cesar’s Reef, Octupus Wall, Romy’s Reef and Eskuelahan are the popular dive sites where one can see the colorful marine life interaction of graceful fishes swimming among magnificent coral and reef formations.

Several landmarks are up for visit for the sightseeing tourists whose interest inclines towards history. The Santa Cruz Holy Rosary Cathedral is one of these landmarks. The highlight of this visit is the altar that was believed to be designed by the national hero Jose Rizal. Dipolog City Hall offers history buffs three monuments of historical persons that had significant contributions to Dipolog.

Finally, a sightseeing tourist should visit the Dipolog Fountain. This is an iconic Dipolog symbol. It was build to give thanksgiving for the blessings received by Dipolog City.

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