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Samar Hotel Guide

Samar Hotel Guide

Samar is the province of the Philippines in the eastern part of Visayas. Samar has other smaller islands which most tourists like to visit. Samar is famous for the longest bride of the country. It is known as San Juanico Bridge. The people are also known for their hospitality and warmth nature.Samar also has a lot of hotels and resorts where you and your family can stay safe and relaxed.
1. Caluwayan Palm Island Resort – This is a good place to enjoy ecological tourism. This place is good as an alternative to those modern hotels. This is situated in Marabut.Marabut is in the western side of Samar. This hotel is surrounded by a islands and smaller island with different coves. The best beach is just nearby this hotel. Guests can scuba dive, snorkel, sail and swim. The guests can also enjoy the nice view of the bay.

2. Domsowir Hotel – This is a hotel you can find in the town of Boronan. They offer different types of room for the guests. They can offer a room with single beds complete with amenities and air-conditioning. They also have rooms for two persons. This hotel offers discounted rates during non-peak seasons.

3. Maqueda Bay Hotel– This is one of Samar’s main hotels.This hotel has a good view of the Maqueda Bay. The bay offers a good view of the sunset when the day is clear. The hotel has its own restaurant where you can enjoy international dishes. This hotel is not a five star hotel but the amenities are great and the rate of accommodation can be pricey. This is situated in Guinsurungan and you can reach this hotel from the city by riding on a tricycle.

4. Rose Scent Inn – This inn is in the center of the city so almost everyone knows this place. This is a good place to stay in for those with a tight budget. The residents call this place the pension. It offers cozy rooms where two to four people can stay. The rooms have all the amenities like bathroom and air-con. The place is also known for its accessibility where some of your relatives can easily go to since it is a popular inn. The television is in a big room with chairs and should be shared by all the guests.

5. Jasmin Beach Resort – This is resort with a Mediterranean theme. This is a good place for people who likes being close to nature. Their beach is covered in white sand and the water is clear. Guests also like snorkeling and diving in this beach because the beach has plenty of marine animals. A popular feature is the floating cottages where guests can stay. This resort also has several large rooms for different occasions like weddings.

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