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Baguio Transportation

Baguio Transportation


The summer capital of the Philippines and named so because of the cool weather the visitors and residents experience even during the peak of summer, is a great place to visit and to spend a vacation. Because of its relative proximity to Manila, Baguio is very accessible and once in the city, the different modes of Baguio transportation that will help one get around the city are in abundance and are very affordable.

Getting to Baguio

Because Baguio is on the top of the list when it comes to tourist destinations, it comes as no surprise that it’s actually very easy to get here using different modes of Baguio transportation. If one is planning a trip to Baguio with Manila as the starting point, the easiest and perhaps the most budget friendly would be take the bus. The bus ride is a mode of Baguio transportation that is used by locals when visiting as well as foreigners and one can choose between a fully air conditioned bus to one that isn’t. There is a significant difference in price, with the non-air conditioned bus at only half the price but if one is worried about getting to Baguio all sticky and sweaty, this shouldn’t be a concern. Once outside Manila, the temperature is slightly cooler and the breeze that constantly blows is refreshing. There are several different bus companies that make several trips to Baguio on a daily basis so if one is geared to leave today, there are different schedules to choose from. Bus companies such as Dagupan Bus, Philippine Rabbit and Victory Liner make trips to Baguio almost every hour.

Traveling to Baguio by air is also an option and this Baguio transportation entails a very short trip with Baguio’s Loakan Airport as the final destination. The plane ride is less than half an hour and it costs about Php5000 per person.

Another mode of Baguio transportation is by renting out a private vehicle or taking one’s own. Prepare to spend about Php1000 for gasoline, maybe more for luxury vehicles. What’s good about this type of Baguio transportation is if one is traveling with friends, this could be a really fun ride and one can make as many frequent stop-overs as necessary.

Getting Around Baguio

Finally, in Baguio City, the most common mode of Baguio transportation is the van or jeepney. Vans are actually taxis that will take one to any Baguio destination at a minimal cost but if one is a bit more adventurous or is somewhat familiar with the area, the jeepneys have designated routes that can get one where one wants to go.

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