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Leyte Sightseeing Guide

Leyte Sightseeing Guide

Leyte’s role in the history of the Philippines is perhaps unmatched by any other province in the country. The most significant event in the country’s history transpired in the shores of Leyte where General Douglas Macarthur made his triumphant return to liberate the country. But this is not just the only event that makes Leyte one of the most important provinces in the country. This Leyte Sightseeing Guide will provide a brief description of other notable destinations in the province.

The MacArthur Landing Memorial

Red Beach in Palo, Leyte is the site of the triumphant return of General Douglas Macarthur and his troops. Today, it is one of the most important landmarks in the country.

The principal attractions in this sight are the statues of MacArthur and his soldiers which stand more than 10 feet tall. Situated in a lagoon, the Landing Memorial serves as a reminder of fulfillment of MacArthur’s words “I shall return.”

The Fish Sanctuary

For those who are fond of fishes, the Sanctuary is an ideal place to visit. This Leyte sightseeing guide will tell that aside from fish species local to Leyte, there are other varieties of fishes found in the sanctuary. A wide range of coral reefs of varying colors is another spectacle in the sanctuary.

The Fish Sanctuary is below a rocky hill which gives guests an additional option to go rock climbing.

The San Juanico Bridge

Half an hour away from the capital city of Tacloban is the San Juanico Bridge, considered as the longest bridge in the country and one of the well-maintained bridges in Leyte.

The San Juanico Bridge provides tourists a glimpse of the picturesque San Juanico Strait as well as several small islands.

Limasawa Island

Limasawa Island serves as the memorial where the first Christian mass was held when Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines in March 1521.

Under Leyte Sightseeing Guide, Limasawa Island is one of the most visited memorial shrines in the province not only because of its historical significance but also because of the various corals as well as a wide range of marine species.

The Santo Nino Shrine

This shrine provides one of the most impressive gatherings of paintings, historical works, and relics in the Philippines. Located in Real Street in Tacloban City, the museum is divided into several sections, which include paintings of the fourteen Stations of the Cross. The most popular sight in the museum is the bas relief of Malakas and Maganda, believed to be the descendants of Filipinos.

Leyte Sightseeing Guide would tell that the museum likewise boasts of its collection of works by great Filipino artists. The most notable and cherished possession is that of the works of Fernando Amorsolo.

These are just some of the sights that make Leyte worth visiting. By checking out this Leyte Sightseeing Guide, one would be able to have a better understanding of the rich cultural heritage of this province.

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