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Samar Hospitals and Health Care

Samar Hospitals and Health Care

Samar is one of the provinces in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines that feature several public and private medical institutions. To enhance the medical programs implemented in the province, Samar hospitals and health care facilities address the common problems of patients by offering quality services as well as reasonable medical costs to them. There are tertiary hospitals in the area that use modern equipment in diagnosing patients. Local people who cannot afford to seek assistance from private health care facilities can go to rural health units as well as governmental hospitals in the province. Below are the most visited medical establishments in Samar.

Catarman Hospital

Catarman Hospital is one of the tertiary health care facilities in the province that have modern devices and equipment that can be used in treating serious health conditions, which is the reason why many patients who need immediate medical help are brought to this place. Aside from emergency services, this institution has an outpatient section where people can see physicians for regular medical check-ups. In addition to this, the institute specializes in pulmonology, immunology and surgery. Moreover, it has a pediatric ward where children and infants who need medical treatments can be admitted. To ask for immediate medical response, patients can always call (038) 387-7002.

Samar Provincial Hospital

Another public health care establishment that patients can visit if they need assistance from medical professionals is the Samar Provincial Hospital. Consultations are free so patients who have limited budget allotted for hospitalization bills can always seek help at this place. Laboratory testing services are cheaper than in other Samar hospitals and health care establishments. To lessen the costs, the hospital has a pharmacy that offers discounted medicines and medical supplies. Situated in Calbayog City, this establishment can admit 100 patients and it specializes in different aspects of medicine like pathology, immunology and cardiology.

Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital

A tertiary medical facility in the City of Calbayog, Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital takes pride on the efficient dental and pediatric services that it provides to residents and tourists. It also employs medical professionals who have expertise on various fields like internal medicine, surgery and family medicine. To provide financial assistance to patients, this establishment gives discounts to health card holders. To help students improve their understanding and knowledge on different medical treatments, this facility provides internship programs to those who have completed a degree in medicine. Additionally, it offers interesting courses like Midwifery as well as Nursing Aide.

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