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TLRC Programs for Home Businesses

TLRC Programs for Home Businesses

Gloria Mendoza is a home businesswoman. She owns a bakery store right in front of her home and makes her products at her own backyard where she set-up a mini-factory. Her story is just one of the many success stories from this side of the world, in the Philippines, thanks to the government’s Technology and Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC).

The home business was built in 1992. She didn’t know anything about baking and relied heavily on the skills she acquired from TLRC. Her baker died two years prior to that and she nearly closed her bakery. But she mustered her strength and enrolled in TLRC and took up baking courses.

“I searched through newspapers and directories and it was there that I found TLRC.” She narrates. “I personally visited them and told them I wanted to learn because I didn’t know anything about baking.”

Gloria started taking courses at TLRC in 1994. First she enrolled in Basic Baking course and moved on to advanced courses like Bread-making, Cake Baking, and Cake Decorating. She has taken six courses in TLRC to date.

These are just some of the courses offered by TLRC. The center had already developed more than 300 courses in home-based, agri-aqua, and crafts-based business. The course also come in video and print formats which serve as references and easy-to-follow gyides for technology applications at home.

TLRC pioneered in the development of livelihood and business technology training aimed at providing would-be and practicing entrepreneurs with the skills and techniques in putting up and managing a business.

It continues to provide and disseminate knowledge, skills, technology as well as financial intervention through loans for the Filipino SMEs. They also have developed such as the Program for Countryside Economic Empowerment and Development (PROCEED) which aims to bring TLRC services all over the country. The program will establish Technology and Livelihood Development Centers (TLDCs) at the local level and will serve as channels for TLRC’s livelihood and technology programs.

The center was also able to promote the application of information technology Services Group (ITSG). ITSG pioneered the development and implementation of computer-related projects and also provides other information technology (IT) related services for the SMEs.

In 2001, SMEs started to enjoy a fast and easy access to TLRC’s programs through its e-Library project. It has made technology information and livelihood information available to local government units throughout the country.

After Gloria’s trainings at TLRC, she was able to supervise every detail of her baker business. “Using what I learned from TLRC, I was able to monitor the operations of my bakery,” she says.

She states everything that she had learned at TLRC, she was able to apply in her home business. At present, the bakery employs more than 20 personnel and earns a net income of P3,000 a day.


  1. Romeo C. Luzuriaga

    Good day,

    BW Shipping will be having its Seafarers Wives Conference at Hotel Intercontinental in Makati. One of the topics that has been requested to be facilitated is Livelihood training (see program Below), we are looking for trainors with (hands on included)to facilitate, BW is willing to pay for the materials needed and facilitation fee. This topic is only 4 hours. We are looking for positive engagement with you.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Romeo C. Luzuriaga
    R&C Manager, BW Shipping

    0900 – 0930 Entrepreneurial Help: Soap Making (herbal & goat milk) Speaker 3 (DBP/PTTC)
    0930 – 1000 Entrepreneurial Help: Perfume Making Speaker 3 (DBP/PTTC)
    1000 – 1015 Break
    1015 – 1045 Entrepreneurial Help: Making Pork Ham, and Bacon Speaker 3 (DBP/PTTC)
    1045 – 1115 Entrepreneurial Help: Making Tocino, & Longanisa Speaker 3 (DBP/PTTC)
    1115 – 1200 Entrepreneurial Help: ? Speaker 3 (DBP/PTTC)

  2. I would gladly appreciate if you would help me learn the ways of earning an extra income. Right now i am here abroad in UAE, but i’m planning to have a vacation and start a small bussiness before i return here. It would be nice if you could help me with this.
    Thanks and hoping to hear from you soo….

  3. malou alovera

    i am a widow with three kids.currently employed in a national agency. i am very much interested to learn pastry making and baking to earn more income.where can i possibly enroll? i am residing at surigao city.

  4. evangeline esmino

    I would like to learn how to make a metal etching/glass etching.i have a business of metal craft like medal,trophy,keychain,pin etc.i want to have a seminar for this business.can you help me?

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