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Boracay Government Sites

Boracay Government Sites

The Place Known as Boracay

If there would be a survey of top 10 best tourist islands in the Philippines, the Boracay Island would definitely fall within the top three spots. All over the world, the island of Boracay is simply one of the best tropical islands in the world. Its trademark white sand beaches and the vacation ambiance had proven to be the enticing forces that attracted tourists around the world from the past years up to the present. The island had not been discovered until the 1970’s accidentally. From a simple getaway for backpackers in the 1980’s, the island was developed to a complete vacation spot being flocked by tourists during summer period.

Boracay and Tourism

Partly because of its weather and wind patterns, Amihan season is considered to be the peak time for tourism. During the said season, the current wind gusts from the east of the main tourism area in Boracay and White Beach-which is on the western side of the island and is sheltered from the wind. Throughout the Amihan season, the White Beach (the water) is characterized as often glassy-smooth. On the island’s eastern side, hills on the southern and northern ends of the island direct the Amihan season wind from the east aground, onto Bulabog Beach in the middle part of the eastern side of the island. Thus, the aquatic related activities (such as kite surfing, kite boarding and wind surfing) are suitable in the reef-protected waters of that beach.

Accommodation in Boracay

A number of lodging types are distributed all over the island, ranging from lavish hotel varieties to basic practical spaces. There are actually three (3) noted stations in the island where accommodations or lodgings are positioned. Station one (1) lodgings are relatively isolated and could give a sense of seclusion suitable for those who preferred a peaceful and quiet place to stay. If tourists prefer a place proximate the bars, then the right place would be the Station two (2). Station three is the main place for accommodation especially for those who would go for a cheaper rent in lodging.

Going to Boracay Island in Just Few Clicks?

Planning for a vacation may be a bit task laden and time-consuming. To address this common problem, tourists may try to visit or access through the internet the first resort directory in Boracay Island (http://www.boracayisland.org/). This website has comprehensive directories of places of accommodations, possible tour guides and some travel agencies. This is definitely a-must for visitors to check this website for reference and traveling tips.

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