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Fast Travel Links From Manila to Quezon City

Fast Travel Links From Manila to Quezon City

What’s the fastest travel option to get from Manila to North Quezon City, and vice versa? Take the Quezon Avenue-Roosevelt Avenue-Congressional Avenue links.

There are various travel options from Manila to Quezon City, and vice versa. There’s the Blumentritt-A.Bonifacio-Del Monte travel links, and the E. Rodriguez-Aurora Boulevard travel links. But these travel options are often breeding grounds of unwanted choke points and bottle necks countless times of the day. Heavy traffic almost suddenly builds up any time on these thoroughfares.

After extricating oneself from heavy traffic along Espana, exit the Welcome Monument (boundary of Manila and Quezon City) by taking Quezon Avenue towards Pantranco or Roces. Just travel past Welcome rotunda and it should be lots of traffic relief. Quezon Avenue should be allowing more cool wind against the face. This travel option leads to a U-turn slot at Roces to double back Quezon Avenue then turn right to Roosevelt Avenue.

Roosevelt is easy driving until the intersection at Del Monte. The traffic light there seems lethargic at times but past that is a travel option exhilaratingly smooth all the way to Del Pilar crossing. Del Pilar is haunted by some undisciplined motorized spooks that clog the intersection. Mostly are construction and delivery trucks from nearby factories. But past that, even along the busy frontage of Munoz Market, is fast and easy driving. The continuous flow that cuts off the main junction of EDSA and Roosevelt through a U-turn slot accounts for this, and vehicles end up smoothly double backing EDSA to either go straight or turn right on Congressional Avenue. We turn right.

Congressional Avenue is simply a motorist’s dream—well, except for some oblivious jeepney drivers, that is. They like lingering in the middle of the road, chatting or waiting forever for passengers. They’re stashed only at the starting point of the stretch, anyway, and past them (and some tentative road diggings) this travel option leads swiftly down Mindanao and finally Visayas Avenue. From Visayas it’s easy travel to various parts of North Quezon City.

This trek from Manila to North Quezon City, or vice versa, takes only about an hour to travel. Other travel options would take at least an hour and a half—or more in a really big traffic build-up, especially in rainy season.

A journey from Manila to North Quezon City shouldn’t take so much of one’s precious time. With clever and safe on-hands and on-road maneuvers plus the quickest travel option in town, it should be a touchdown in no time.

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