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Dipolog Travel Agents

Dipolog Travel Agents

The blessed land of Dipolog City had made few names or title for itself such as ‘The Orchid City’, ‘The Bottled Sardines of the Philippines’ and the ‘Gateway to Western Mindanao’. These titles or names signify the real deal regarding the wonders of Dipolog City. Being the ‘Gateway to Western Mindanao’ had something to do with the strategic location which gave economic and commercial accessibility as the Western Nautical Highway. The thriving sardine industry for years which made a great contribution to economic growth of the city had donned the garland as the ‘Bottled Capital of the Philippines’. The rare orchid species, the Dipolog Orchid, and various beautiful species of orchid that could be seen in the place made it the ‘Orchid City’ of the Philippines. These titles are clear testimonies of the best of Dipolog City.

Dipolog City and its Tourism Assets

Enjoying the wonders of Dipolog means, at least, going into these best spots or attractions. The Dipolog Fountain is also known as the Fountain of Blessings. It symbolizes the diverse culture of Dipolog City and an act of thanksgiving (bowl raised) to God for the wonders and graces of the city. The fountain is located at Estaka-Turno road junction. Dipolog Hall stands as the monument of the local government of Dipolog City. Punta Corro or the Santa Cruz is the place where migrating natives of Bohol from the Visayas Region landed and established their settlement and a cross was put up as a thanksgiving altar to God for a safe journey. The Cogon Park or Cogon Eco-Park is the right place for nature-loving visitors or tourists. The park’s flora and fauna gives the place its uniqueness. If trekking, hiking and climbing means relaxation then the right place in Dipolog City is the Linabo Climb. More than three thousand steps to tread and walk before getting into the Linabo Peak. This tedious effort would give tourists a wonderful and fantastic view of the Dapitan and Dipolog-the Twin Cities. These spots and actually more could be seen and experience staying in Dipolog City.

Getting in Dipolog City

As a basic travelers’ tip, tourists and visitors alike should always be prepared. A memorable journey is not really defined by one hundred percent hassle-free trip, but this should be at least placed into a nominal chance. Sueders Travel and Tours is one of the travel agencies that helped tourists for years to make sure Dipolog City stay would be very memorable. The agency is located at Gawchua Building, Echavez Street, corner Quezon Avenue at Dipolog City. As always making sure of the agency’s information would just be few clicks away. It is better be sure than be sorry. Hop in, enjoy Dipolog City!

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