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Tagbilaran Restaurants

Tagbilaran Restaurants


Known for its extraordinarily friendly residents, Tagbilaran has excellent tourist sites, great hotels and Tagbilaran restaurants that serve mouth watering dishes. For those who are visiting Tagbilaran, it’s a good idea to check out options when it comes to dining to get the most out of one’s holiday.

Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant

Carlos P. Garcia is where one will find the famous Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant where good food is not the only reason people go here. Entertainment is the other reason why visitors try out this Tagbilaran restaurant and they play various genre of music from local artists. For those who want to listen to a live band, the Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant offers this every day of the week and Tagbilaran has some great talents when it comes to singing. When it comes to dining, Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant serves Filipino dishes including Tagbilaran delicacies. One should try this Tagbilaran restaurant’s famous Chicken and Pork Adobo as well as their Pancit Guisado. Pancit Guisado, although originally a Chinese cuisine, is cooked and served Filipino style at the Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant. Food at the Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant starts from Php 150 and this is a good deal considering the ambience and the great sounds at this Tagbilaran restaurant.

Saya’s Restaurant

A couple of blocks away from the Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant is a highly recommended Tagbilaran restaurant that serves Filipino food with a twist. Saya’s Restaurant is also found on Carlos P. Garcia Avenue and one will notice upon walking in that this place has a warm and cheerful ambience. The staff at the Saya’s Restaurant are very accommodating and they take time to explain how each cuisine is cooked and the ingredients used so one doesn’t end up ordering something that one will not like. Saya’s Restaurant is very affordable, with meals starting at Php 85 and among its specialties are Calamari and Fried Chicken. If one thinks that there’s nothing special about Fried Chicken, one has not tried Saya’s Restaurant’s version of it and they serve the dish with local condiments. Another must try at this Tagbilaran restaurant is the fresh fruit shakes which are prepared only upon ordering. These drinks at the Saya’s Restaurant are not only refreshing but are made out of real fruits so they’re completely healthy and definitely something that the kids will enjoy.

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