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General Santos Travel Agents

General Santos Travel Agents

General Santos City: Tuna Capital of the Philippines

Mindanao is truly a blessed island in terms of Mother Nature’s wonderful gifts. At the southern part of Mindanao, lies the great and wonderful City of General Santos. Expanding from the basin of the Bay of Sarangani, General Santos City is located-a stronghold and bastion of current amenities which is bestowed with the wonder of nature and various cultures flourish. General City is the entryway or gateway in exploring the endless wonders of the SOCCSKSARGEN Growth Region (it stands for SOuth Cotabato, Cotabato, Suktan Kudarat, SARangani and GENeral Santos City).

All about Tuna

The City of Tuna indulges its visitors and tourists with literally tons and tons of seafood delights especially tuna. This luxury had established several or various food business ventures. These food businesses offer varieties of Western, Asian, Filipino and Mindanaoan cooking specialties. What makes the food very satisfying and mouthwatering is the ‘fresh-from-the-catch’ way or style of cooking, literally, enjoying the food’s flavor in its best.

Some of the ‘must-eats’ tuna menus are Sugba (marinated with a special sauce then charcoal-boiled, comes best with soy sauce with calamansi juice as a dip), the Tula a ginger based soup with lemon grass tomatoes and vegetables in it and the Kinilaw- a no cook dish (actually being cooked by the vinegar itself) prepared like a salad with shallots, pepper, onions, garlic and cucumber.

Getting to Taste General Santos City’s Finest Dishes

The influx and arrival of people from all parts of the world going to General Santos City have diverse intensions in mind. The flourishing tuna industry had attracted several corporations to harness this natural resource. The beautiful surroundings of General Santos City had attracted a lot of tourists and visitors a like to have some nature tripping or just to chill out with the wonders of nature. To ensure accommodations and travel itineraries, local government continuously promoted travel agencies in the place.

Angel Grace Travel and Tours located at G/F Constar Lodge, Pioneer Avenue, General Santos City provides travel packages and assistance for tourists and visitors alike. Another recognized travel agency is the Romano Travel and Tours situated at National Highway, Dadiangas North General Santos City. These are some of the travel agencies that arrange travel deals for General Santos City. As a travelers’ tip, always check for other alternatives regarding travel agencies through the internet. Having a hassle and worry free trip is certainly, a few clicks away.

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