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Boracay Education

Boracay Education

Although Boracay is primarily known as one of the coolest and nicest spots during summer season in the Philippines, the presence of competitive colleges and universities near the place gives people a very good reason to stay aside from vacation. For those who wish to study here, they can expect a lot of good things and positive results from the impressive Boracay education system. Just like all the premier academic institutions in the country, these tertiary schools offer good academic programs in exchange for reasonable tuition fees.

STI College-Kalibo

Highly recommended for individuals who wish to study information technology, STI College-Kalibo is a very good school with skilled academic instructors, state-of-the-art facilities and an outstanding curriculum. In recent years, the school has expanded to other fields of studies. Students who want to become successful businesspeople someday, they can enroll in any of its business and management courses. Meanwhile, those who want to become hoteliers and restaurateurs can learn a lot by taking part in courses related to hotel and restaurant management. On the other hand, the place now offers health-related courses for aspiring nurses, medical personnel and doctors. As part of the extensive Boracay education system, people can find this tertiary school within the municipality of Kalibo in Aklan.

Garcia College of Technology

A tertiary school that specializes in the field of engineering and other related sciences, Garcia College of Technology is another very good school within the province of Aklan. This academic institution was established in 1968, which is a commendable place to study especially for students who want to be engineers in the near future. It offers notable engineering undergraduate courses such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering. Add to that, it also features interesting courses in other fields including computer science, hotel and restaurant management as well as industrial education.

Aklan State University

One of the most renowned educational facilities in the area that specializes in agriculture, people can find Aklan State University within the municipality of Banga. The undergraduate programs of this school are made up of courses in the fields of technology, engineering and fishery. In addition, some of its students are currently taking up courses in education, especially those individuals who wish to become schoolteachers and principals someday. Established on April 7, 1948, this university also has courses under its college of arts and sciences.

Aklan Catholic College

Established on July 9, 1945, Aklan Catholic College is one of the earliest private tertiary schools that are close to Boracay. For people who wish to become lawyers some day, this academic institution offers law. In addition to this, there are other undergraduate courses included in its extensive and impressive curriculum. Add to there, there are also several graduate courses available.

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