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Experience a Weekend Diving Trip in Anilao

Experience a Weekend Diving Trip in Anilao

Anilao is a town in Batangas that is a famous destination for weekend trips, especially for diving. Many resorts in Anilao offer great diving packages to excellent dive sites in the area. There are about 24 dive sites in Anilao. Among these dive sites are the following listed below.

The Cathedral – This dive site is a marine sanctuary in Anilao. The Cathedral has two big mounds where a cross was planted in between these mounds. The dive site looks like an underwater roofless amphitheater. The Cathedral is a famous dive site in Anilao where many types of reef fish can be found.

The Sombrero Island – This dive site is a drift dive in Anilao. The name of the island is derived from its appearance during low tide, shape like a hat or sombrero – a local term. The Sombrero Island is a good dive site for coral lovers.

The Mainit Point or Hot Water Point – This is a dive site in Anilao that has everything to offer. Hard corals, nudibranches, ribbon eels, and mantis shrimp are among the marine life that can be found in the Mainit Point. Occasionally, sharks can be found in this dive site. This dive site also has natural hot springs where you can boil eggs in them.

The Mapating or Shark Cave – This dive site in Anilao is a challenging one even for experienced divers. Strong water current prevails in the Mapating. A great variety of sharks, pelagic fish, and other marine life are rich in this dive site, which has a series of drop-offs.

The Twin Rocks – This is a dive site that has a capsized barge wreck. The giant clams, batfish, frogfish, and mushroom corals are among the things that you can find in the Twin Rocks in Anilao. Some blue spotted stingrays are also present in this dive site in Anilao.

The Ligpo Island – This is a dive site in Anilao that can be circumnavigated in just one dive. The Ligpo Island is also a good dive site for coral lovers where different types of corals can be found including large gorgonians. Various reef fish and sometimes, pelagic fishes can be seen swimming nearby in this dive site.

The dive sites mentioned above are just some of the wonderful sites in Anilao, Batangas. Anilao is about two-and-a-half hours away from Manila, Philippines. Buses traverse daily in this route from Manila to Anilao.

Anilao, Batangas is a wonderful place to go for weekend diving trip with its plenteous dive sites around. It is truly invigorating and refreshing when you visit the various dive sites in Anilao.

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  1. Jahziel Ferrer

    my friends and i will go to anilao this april. can you give us discounts? we will stay for 3 days.. thank you. how much are we going to spend for the place and food?

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