Dipolog Restaurants


Despite the fact that Dipolog is where most mines are and this is the most successful industry in the area, tourists can’t resist a glimpse of the rolling hills or the beautiful seas that are in this place. Aside from the many tourist attractions in Dipolog, food is also something that visitors enjoy and it’s not just because the Dipolog restaurants are cozy and the food service personnel pleasant.

Port Orient Restaurant

The specialty of this Dipolog restaurant is seafood. Cooked however the diner prefers, the Port Orient Restaurant makes sure that the food they serve is always fresh out of the sea. Port Orient Restaurant is actually Dakak Park Beach Resort’s in-house restaurant but non guests are always welcome. Located right in Dipolog City which is the center of commerce of Zamboanga del Norte, this Dipolog restaurant can be considered as fine dining. The blue marlin and tiger prawns are really good at the Port Orient Restaurant cooked Asian style so all their flavors are locked in. If one isn’t too keen on seafood, this Dipolog restaurant has other things on their menu like pizzas and a couple of Filipino dishes. The Port Orient Restaurant is where many families spend Sunday lunch or dinner together and where the romantics can bring their dates. Aside from the delightful dishes, another noticeable thing about Port Orient Restaurant is the service. The personnel are always so warm and friendly and would be more than happy to suggest dishes that one will surely not regret.

Grandma’s Best Bakeshop

What better way to cap a great meal than to have a tasty dessert? Pastries is the specialty of Grandma’s Best Bakeshop and aside from the sumptuous cakes that are just heavenly and irresistible, they have one of the best brewed coffee in Dipolog City. However, cakes are not the only things that this Dipolog restaurant has in its menu and it also has a couple of Filipino dishes straight out of Grandma’s kitchen. Arroz Caldo for instance which is Chicken Porridge and served by Grandma’s Best Bakeshop is definitely comfort food. There are other meals available at this Dipolog restaurant including baked Macaroni, Lasagna, salad and other light meals perfect for snacks. The items at Grandma’s Best Bakeshop are also priced reasonably and a satisfying meal can be enjoyed at less than Php 100. Aside from the food, the ambience of Grandma’s Best Bakeshop is something very cozy and the place is always so clean. Grandma’s Best Bakeshop is on the corner of Mabini and Arellano Streets.

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