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Cebu Government Sites

Cebu Government Sites

The City of Cebu

Cebu City has been regarded as the ‘Queen City of the South’ of the Philippine. It is the next most significant metropolitan center and the regarded or recognized as the Philippines’ oldest city. Cebu City is also regarded as Metro Cebu that includes Talisay, Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue. Significance and importance of this city could be attributed to the historical and cultural heritage of the place.

Cebu and Famous Landmarks

The city of Cebu is an important center of culture in the Philippines. Since it is the oldest known city in the country, various historical spots of great essence could be seen around Cebu City. Plaza Independencia of Cebu or the former ‘Plaza Libertad’ is the city’s most historically important plaza. The place was once the location of the building for the old Gobierno Provincial and nowadays, it has become the most preferred picnic spots for locals and tourists. Want to know something about the philosophy and the teachings of the great Lao-Tse? Then visit the Taoist Temple situated at Beverly Hills, Cebu City and be one of those who climb its steps (99) to light joss sticks to check or have their fortunes read. Another Cebu City’s pride is the Fort San Pedro. This citadel is the oldest and smallest tri-bastion fortress in the country. It served as the center if the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines since the 1700’s. Its three supports San Miguel, San Ignacio de Loyola and La Conception are still standing on their spots. One of the best, or a tourist and any visitors could never be considered staying at Cebu without checking the most famous historical landmark of the place: The Magellan’s Cross. According to history, it was the cross planted by the shores of Ferdinand Magellan in the 1500’s. Devout Cebuano Catholics and visitors never fail to drop by, pause for awhile and offer a prayer or two whenever they have a chance to pass by the place. This has been the usual occurrence in this monument for the past four hundred years.

Cebu City, Tourism and the Internet

Being the second most significant city of the Philippines only means that the city is very progressive and prosperous in terms of economic and commercial growth or development. Not only for business motives, Cebu is also flocked by tourists around the world because of the significant and historical spots in the city. Keeping up to the pace of tourism and economic expansion, the local government of Cebu City has made use of the power of the internet. The official website of Cebu City (http://www.cebucity.gov.ph/) gives potential tourists or clients an ‘appetizer’ regarding what to expect in Cebu City. Knowledge and information are very crucial factors to consider for tourists and investors. Through the power of the internet or the World Wide Web, the wonders of the Queen City of the South of the Philippines are just a few clicks away.

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