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Honda Bay – A Philippine Beach Paradise in Palawan

Honda Bay – A Philippine Beach Paradise in Palawan

One of the best holiday destinations in the Philippines is Palawan. The island has retained its natural beauty and has kept most of it untouched by man. A great welcome to any visitor of Palawan is the majestic Honda Bay.

The Honday Bay frames the fascinating coastline of Puerto Princesa City, the capital of Palawan. The many islands and beaches will guarantee a lot of pleasurable experiences to the visitors of Honda Bay. Clear water snorkeling, picnicking in the fine white sand, and island hopping are just some of wonderful activities that refreshes the heart of the guests at Honda Bay, Palawan.

Honda Bay is an ideal place for snorkelers, offering great spots like Bat Island, Starfish Island, and Cannon Island. These islets at the Honda Bay all have coral reefs that break into white sand beaches mostly untouched by human development. These are only a few of the 1,770 islands that can be explored in Honda Bay. Visitors can hire pump boats to get to these islands, and some of them even have accommodations for an overnight stay.

Other than being a perfect place for sun seekers and snorkelers, Honda Bay also has been known to have some of the best dive spots in the Philippines. Honda Bay has become a much-loved destination of swimmers, divers, local vacationers, and foreign tourists due to the beautiful setting of the islets with shallow reefs that border many wonderful beaches.

Here are some of the well recommended must see places at the Honda Bay, Philippines. On top of the list are the Cowrie and Bat Islands As you might have guessed the names come from the species of large fruit bats found on the islands.
Next in the list of premiere Honda Bay sites is Snake Island. No, there are no huge man-eating snakes here. The name is derived from the shape of the island — like a long curvaceous snake.

Other must see islands in Honda Bay are Canon, Pandan, Starfish, and Lu-li (an island that is visible only during low tide), Senorita (lapu-lapu fish breeding site), Arreceffi Island (location of the luxurious Dos Palmas Resort), and Meara Marina. Most of the islands of Honda Bay are thirty minutes away by pump boat from Puerto Princesa City.

To get to Honda Bay visitors travel from Puerto Princesa City to Sta. Lourdes Tagbanua, that’s about a 12 kilometer distance. It’s about 25 minutes away to get to the Sta. Lourdes wharf. From there you can go by boat to any island of your choice at the Honda Bay.

Another way is go island hopping in Honda Bay is to go to the boat station at the city, and rent a boat for a day or two. The boat station is about half an hour away from the city proper.

Hotel room rates at the Honda Bay would cost about an average of US$ 62 to US$ 507 (includes taxes and service charges). The flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa is at Php 2,835, it’s an hour long trip with flights scheduled daily.

Visit the Honda Bay, a premiere vacation area in Palawan, Philippines. You’ll even be treated to a reception in paradise and have an experience to touch your soul for a lifetime.

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