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Bacolod Restaurant Guide

Bacolod Restaurant Guide

Bacolod is an exciting place to visit especially during the famous Masskara Festival. The dishes by the Ilonggos are truly delicious and you must try them because they have maintained the authentic flavors. The food in most Bacolod restaurants are cheaper and fresher than those that are served in Manila.


1. Bacolod Business Inn – Many tourists like the food they serve for breakfast. They also have free refills for the coffee.
2. Sylvia Manor Hotel – This hotel has a varied selection of food for breakfast which is ideal for the entire family. There are breads, different cereals, rice dishes and fruits.
3. McDonald’s – This branch can be found on Lacson Street. This is a fast food chain where you can buy breakfast meals on a budget. There is a Mc Café as well where the wi- fi connection is free so you can bring your laptops.


1. Manukan Country – This is the restaurant that is known for the best grilled chicken which is called chicken inasal. This is Bacolod’s pride. This is the best restaurant to visit when you want to enjoy a hearty dinner. This restaurant is situated in the area of reclamation. There is no air-con and it is ideal that you eat with your clean hands.
2. Chicken Deli & Bacolod Chicken House – These are two restaurants which offers their own version of the chicken inasal. This is a restaurant which caters for people who are not so much in a budget. You can use utensils in this restaurant and there is air-conditioning.
3. Pala-pala – This is the Bacolod version of Dampa. This is beside the capitol of Bacolod. You first need to go to the market and buy your seafood then carry it to the Pala-pala where you can choose a restaurant to have it cooked. The restaurant can suggest many ways on how to cook your seafood.
4. Aboy’s Kamalig – The pride of this restaurant is the grilled blue marlin and the grilled liver of the chicken. It is situated at the Goldenfields place.
5. Pendy’s – This is the best place to enjoy the dinuguan of Bacolod as well as fried chicken. It is a place to enjoy fine dining but the prices of the food are still affordable. They are also known for their Napoleones.
6. Imay’s & Buto’t Balat – These restaurants are both on the Lacson street. They offer seafood dishes.
7. L’Sea and L’Kaisei – The L’Sea is a restaurant which offers fresh Chinese food and the L’Kaisei offers different Japanese dishes.
8. Mama Maria Pizza – This restaurant has been receiving great food reviews. They offer customers bigger sizes of pizza perfect for a family of six or even eight.
9. Calea – This is a place to indulge in sweet cravings like cheesecakes. They offer different kinds of cakes and pastries. They also have their own version of the Oreo cheesecake. The base of their cheesecakes are oats and not graham crackers which make the taste uniquely their own.
10. Pepe’s Grill – This is a restaurant you can find in the Sorrento Piazza. Many yuppies like to hang out in the piazza these days. The pastas they offer are their best sellers as well as their steamed fish.

These are some of the best places you can eat when you are in Bacolod. The prices of the food in this restaurants range from five dollars up to twenty dollars. Experiencing the food a region has to offer should be one of the highlights of your trip in a foreign place.


  1. I have been at BAY BAY restro bar and Grill two times..
    Great food, well prepared and very good live music and the service is outstanding.

    The location is excellent and very scenic, and the building itself is a fine prove of bamboo enginering at it’s finest.

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