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Things to do in Puerto Galera for a Great Vacation

Things to do in Puerto Galera for a Great Vacation

Are you in search of the perfect vacation getaway? Do you enjoy the sun, sand and surf? Are you looking for a place that’s serene or one that’s full of life? Are you in the mood to be adventurous or just want to hang out on the beach with your friends? Well, Puerto Galera should definitely be a part of your travel plans.

Puerto Galera was a well kept secret among the locals of Oriental Mindoro for years until the late 90s. The secret got out and spread like wildfire as it quickly became the latest beach destination.

Just a boat ride away from Batangas pier, Puerto Galera boasts of white beaches, clear water and a little extra for everyone.

A hike to see Talipanan Falls is one of the many favorite activities of groups in Puerto Galera. The hike is worth it to see the beauty of the waterfalls. Swimming in the cool and clean water will certainly refresh one’s body from the heat. Lunch by the waterfalls is welcome to rejuvenate oneself for the hike back to the beach.

Another favorite group activity is to ride a banana boat. Nowadays, the banana boat is common on every beach. Puerto Galera is not one to be left behind as several locals have banana boats ready for eager adventurers. And of course, there’s always the joy in who to blame when the boat tips over.

If you didn’t come to Puerto Galera in a group, diving is a great way to spend your vacation. There are lessons for beginners although a bit expensive but that’s the price for seeing marine life at its best.

Since Oriental Mindoro is part of an island, it has an abundance of seafood. It is no wonder that grilled seafood happens to be the main course in the restaurants. If you’re not in the mood for seafood, these restaurants offer other grilled specialties such as pork and chicken. You’ll leave feeling full and satisfied after every meal. Just don’t expect a five-star hotel meal when you dine, remember that these are the islands.

You could always take a nice stroll in the white sand to let the food go down and relax after an eventful day. If you still have energy, why not go bar-hopping along the coastline? Puerto Galera, especially White Beach, in the evening is just as happening during the day. The Mindoro Sling packs a lot of punch as the island’s cocktail specialty. Dance to the latest music or watch the various entertainment prepared by the local bars and party the night away.

Swimming, hiking, and dancing all night may take a toll on your body. A simple solution is a good massage. And a massage on the beach is the best way to have it. The relaxing waves provide the perfect soundtrack to clear the mind. Finding a good masseuse isn’t going to be a problem. Just lay on the beach and one of the female locals will offer a relaxing massage. They have all the essentials with them and might just lower the price if asked nicely.

And what’s a vacation in Puerto Galera without buying all those souvenirs? Trinkets, t-shirts, native jewelry and the like to bring home are all available but don’t forget to haggle for the best price! Exercise some haggling prowess and the vendors will definitely give the best deals as this is expected. A lot of stores on the beach may have the perfect souvenir to remember your vacation.

With an itinerary planned for the ultimate vacation, head on to Puerto Galera. Relax during the daytime in one of the tranquil spots along the beach. Then, party all night in any of the countless bars by the beachfront. Go hiking, ride the banana boat to satisfy the adventurer in you. Or have a relaxing massage on the beach to pamper your body and mind.

It’s a great vacation for every person who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a place to satisfy adventure seekers and relax stressed individuals. Puerto Galera should be your travel destination.

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  1. You forgot to mention: the windsurfing school at the Sandbar where you can also hire windsurfing equipment or just watch from the comfort of their manicured lawns; the friendly yacht club (http://www.pgyc.org) where you can get your go-wireless with your laptop, dine or sail as well as get sailing lessons; the (2000 foot elevation) Ponderosa Golf Club, where the first nine holes offer some of the most spectacular views in the Philippines; and, the Paradise Reptile Zoo and endangered species, breeding facility (on the road up to the golf club) where you can see and touch some of the most amazing snakes and other reptiles from around the world. And don’t forget to watch out for the dolphins during the ferry ride across from Batangas.

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