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Sand Castle Beach Resort in Boracay

Sand Castle Beach Resort in Boracay

Blue waters, green coconuts and palms, white sand and beautiful bodies; these could be some of the phrases one might utter and be amazed at while staying at the Philippines’ well visited beach – Boracay.

Furthermore, to fully make your Boracay experience we would like you to take refuge at the Sand Castle. Yes, you got it right we will like you to spend your vacation here at Sand Castle. If you are thinking of something built along the seashore that is not what we meant.

Sand Castle is one of the best resorts or hotels on the island. You will get to experience living in a native villa or a “spacious hut” as other guests have described it. However, it is very well furnished with the comforts of modern living.

Sand Castle is the only resort on the island that has ceiling fans and at the same time air conditioning units in their rooms. It also provides you a refrigerator, Cable TV and Internet connection. The resort is also a WIFI area!

Sand Castle also showcases its Balinese bathrooms, Japanese beds and sophisticatedly designed kitchen and dining area. The interiors in each room promotes Philippine native architecture; terraces made of bamboo, sliding doors made of Capiz shells, ceilings made of Sawali fibers, earthenware and wall decorations from Mindanao.

What makes Sand Castle distinct among the rest?

First, the resort staff is trained to give you first class hotel accommodations. It also has its own in-house masseuse, regular housekeeping service, lockers in the reception area and laundry service.

Second, staying in Sand Castle would be not complete without dining at its in-house Café Troppo Bar and Restaurant. This serves almost every delicious meal you can think of. Why not try their seafood specialty?

Third, the rates are very affordable. Although it might sound too expensive for $ 78 dollar per night, you are ensured of your safety as well of your privacy. Moreover, if you have complaints about your room, people there will immediately heed to your concern.

Fourth, there are no hidden charges in Sand Castle. Prices are charged per room not per individual unlike some hotels and resorts in Boracay. So if you have a companion or two and you wish to save, why not rent a room with a single bed. You and your friends could sleep across the bed. However, that would not be necessary because the rate for two beds is also $78. Therefore, you can arrange the two beds so that all three of you could sleep soundly. 🙂

What else? Probably you already have a bird’s eye view of Sand Castle. Come and book now so you can experience a great time.

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