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A glimpse of paradise – Boracay Island

A glimpse of paradise – Boracay Island

Looking for a perfect destination to ease your hunger for pristine beaches, nature panorama matched with azure blue waters, picture perfect sunsets and a whole lot more? Well you’ve come to the right place where Philippines’ pride is flagged on- Boracay Islands Philippines’ finest beach.

In this age of beach craze, the Philippines have a list of beaches meant to lure tourists all around the world, but Boracay tops the list. Now tagged as an international tourist spot and probably one of the best beaches in the whole wide world, Boracay is surely a great vacation spot.

The illustrious image of Boracay had served as the grounds for a number of establishments and resorts which heighten its luxury. Boracay offers an array of establishments suit to fit your taste. These establishments won’t let you idle around just for a minute or so. The number of night bars doubles as each year passes. Since partying had always been on the to-do-list of the tourists, well Boracay won’t disappoint you in any way.

All in all these is what in store for you, a certified package deal of unforgettable beach getaway. For those in tight budgets if you don’t want to drop a single penny, this is what Boracay’s natural beauty can give you. By day, you can worship the sun, even its hurtful glares that paint a perfect tan on your skin plus the scenery perfect for nature lovers, and sunset you could die for. By night, the fun continues as different bars showcases bands and artists. As a vacation spot, they are readily aware of putting the entertainment a priority in promoting its market.

If you think that’s all, think again, in a modern lifestyle which you might be engaged to physical sports, bringing it with you on your vacation can be possible. Aside from swimming the azure blue waters, other activities you can engage to for a physical stretch, is a diverse choice of water sports, starting of with its new venture are a number of diving schools. These schools will help you enjoy your vacation more by trying a new sport at an easier pace.

Being a first-class tourist destination, it entails an image of being overly commercialized, but as anyone would say, it can still be a place for those who had tight budgets. Choosing between Station 1 and Station 2 & 3 really makes a difference. Station 1 houses most of the luxurious establishments and accommodation costs here are of course double in price compared to that of the other stations. Options are now up to you, but to enjoy the Islands itself is more than what you could actually spend.

Life is a beach here in Boracay, so don’t miss it out. Relax and escape from the city lights from the urban to a refreshing scene in the pride of the Philippines, Boracay Islands. With the hospitality you’ll ever need accommodation as grand as ever and fun that never stops within your reach.

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