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Palawan Travel Agents

Palawan Travel Agents

Cradle of Civilization in the Philippines

In the early 1960’s, an American anthropologist, Dr. Robert B. Fox, and his team stumbled upon fossilized remains in Tabon Cave, Palawan. These fossilized remains were of one of the first settlers or early humans in Palawan known as the Tabon Man. The remains were carbon dated and it could be traces way back 22000 years ago. These scientists, researchers or anthropologists also found out remnants of ancient tools and devices signifying civilization in the place. Thus, Palawan had been considered as the Philippines’ Cradle of Civilization.

Reasons to be at Palawan

The Island of Palawan has been showered by Mother Nature’s blessings. Puerto Princesa, the island’s main city, has been a proof of the beauty of Palawan Island. For this reason, the natives or locals of Palawan held different types of festivities with diverse themes as forms of thanksgiving for the blessings bestowed on them. Balagyong Festival, Kaniyogan Festival, Pagdiwata Arts Festival, Panalamin Festival, Manunggul Festival, Kalabukay Festival, Baratagan Festival, Malagnang Festival, Purongitan Festival, Kasadyaan Festival, Palay Festival, Kulambo Festival and Paskuhan sa Kapitolyo are colorful festivities commemorated and celebrated annually in Palawan.

These feasts, though they have different themes, are promoting Palawan’s Eco-Tourism. Some best spots in Palawan are the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or the underground river of Palawan and Tubbataha Reef Marine Park. These two sites are also considered as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Palawan Island is certainly a haven of relaxing with nature’s wonders.

Trip to Palawan Island

The technicalities of traveling and touring may have a tendency to hamper or hinder some excitement the island of Palawan could offer. Therefore, planning out vacation and leisure trip is one way of having a hassle-free trip. JD Travel and Tours is one of the travel agencies based in Palawan Island, specifically in Puerto Princesa. Their area of expertise is the inbound tours. They also provide travel and tours packages which include accommodations and itineraries.

Their agency’s office is at Room G, 2nd floor, Moraga Building Rizal Avenue (Beside Capitol Compound) Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Travel agencies, like JD Travel and Tours, have vital role in promoting and endorsing the Eco-Tourism in Palawan Island. Tourism is also an economic drive for Palawan Island that is why the local government of Palawan gives their full effort in maintaining and exploring the wonders and marvels of the place. Palawan Island is certainly a haven of a true nature lover!

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