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Butuan Government Sites

Butuan Government Sites

‘Kani na kamo Butuan!’ a simple, yet striking Butuan dialect phrase: ‘come and visit Butuan now!’ The said statement or phrase suggests to tourists and visitors to be at Butuan City as soon as possible. It seemed to entice or a sort of a teaser to find out what Butuan is all about.

Mount Mayapay

It is one of the majestic places in Butuan City. The mountain is located at the Southwest part of Agusan Valley. The mountain had its own significance in the history of early civilization of the Butuan (the anciend Madjapahit Empire and the Sri-Vishaya era.)

Nipa Wine Distillery

Bringing out the good times in Butuan City would never be completed without the ‘Laksoy’. Made out of indigenous or local Nipa Palm, Laksoy is the local wine of Butuan City. Its taste can only be produced exclusively by native Butuanon. The wine is definitely an original Filipino spirit.

Agusan River

Agusan River is the epitome or personification of the history, culture and arts of the Butuanon and the place itself. It is the longest and the biggest river in Mindano and this is also the site of fluvial procession as they celebrate the Abayan Festival that commemorates their patroness Señora Santa Ana.

Ruins of Banza Church

Banza Church had been built in the early 1600’s by the initiative of the Recollect Friars who were the early missionaries stationed at the place. However, the said church was devastated by the attacks from the Moro pirates in the mid 1700’s. The remnant of the once majestic church was the bell tower made of banyan or balete tress.

Bood Promontory First Easter Mass Eco Park

The first recorded celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the Philippines was said to be during Easter of the 1521. It was Magellan and his fleet that partook or participated in the said thanksgiving. The place is very romantic as it is overlooking the whole of Butuan Bay. The park is also surrounded by the local Hadlayati Tree.

Ferdinand Magellan’s Landing Site

This place had been very significant historically and culturally in terms of heritage for Butuan City and its locals. Butuanons celebrate annually the Mazaua Discovery Day in commemoration of this historical event. Speaking of Ferdinand Magellan’s successful landing in the place, natives of Butuan are very proud of the momentous event that took place in Butuan: the first celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the Philippines.
Butuan National Museum

The proofs of Butuan City’s great cultural and historical heritage or customs are displayed at the National Museum of Butuan. Exhibits such as the ancient tools of the early settlers of Butuan and contemporary cultural materials of Butuan locals are being shown to visitors and tourists alike to give them a glimpse of the glorious past of Butuan.

Balangay Shrine Museum

Balangays had been the ancient vessels used by the early pioneers of Butuan. Anthropologists and scientists were able to dig up and discover nine balangays to date in Butuan City. The contemporary Filipino word ‘Barangay’ (municipal division or demarcation) had its etymology in the word balangay.

Butuan City Tourism and the Power of the Internet

Making sure of the stability of Butuan City’s tourism is dependent on information dissemination. The best way to make known to others the wonder of the place is through the means of internet. The official website of Butuan City (www.butuan.gov.ph) is loaded with a lot of information regarding Butuan City itself, tourism, local directory and some events being celebrated at Butuan City all year round. As a traveler, tourist should consider checking the websites, especially the official website, for updated and real-time announcements in Butuan City. ‘Kani na Kamo Butuan!’

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