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Ormoc Restaurants

Ormoc Restaurants

Ormoc restaurants are as diverse as the culture in this Eastern Visayas city altogether. There are lots of choices in store for people seeking to scout Ormoc restaurants. May it be local far you are looking about or some foreign flavors, you will surely find one among Ormoc restaurants to feed you your fix. What’s more, there’s no need to shed out a huge amount of cash when eating out at Ormos restaurants. Most of them offer reasonably priced food. This means that you can have your fill for a small amount and still feel satisfied.

Big Roys Diner –
Beef is specialty in this food house. Through the years, it has learned to cook beef in almost every other wonderful way. The beef kebabs are must-tries at Big Roys Diner. You should never miss out on this dish once you visit the place. And oh, don’t forget to savor the warm and inviting ambience as you eat your tasty meal. [#426 Real St., Ormoc City; (6353) 255 7689]

Chito’s Chow Bar Restaurant – Right at the heart of Ormoc City is this pretty humble food hub where the best of Filipino and Chinese cuisine are showcased in a sweet package. It has been on top of the list of every Ormoc diner because it offers a nice fix of Chinese and local dishes along with a glass of refreshing beverage. Aside from the wide array of recipes available for picking, there’s also that extensive display of mouth-watering drinks that you could choose from. [Ormoc Plaza, Ormoc City; (6353) 561 8144, (6353) 255 4144]

Ikea – Snacks are as important as any of the other meals of the day. It is important that you have filling, satisfying, and mouthwatering snacks especially when you are out on a food adventure. When you are in Ormoc, there’s no other place to go for best-tasting sncks than Ike. It offers a variety of tempting sweets and pastries along with delectable drinks that will leave you satisfied, for sure. [Bonifacio St., Ormoc City; (6353) 255 4569]

Tempura Haus – Japanese cuisine is always craved for, no matter where you might be. When in Ormoc, Tempura Haus is a good place to sample Japanese dishes for reasonably good price. [Badminton City, Brgy. Linao, Ormoc City; (6353) 561 2323, (6353) 255 5013]

Milagrina – Eating can only be an enjoyable adventure if you are pleased with what you are served. At Milagrina, being pleased is not a problem because the staff and management of this restaurant work hard to do just that. The most popular meal for a Milagrina diner consists of barbecued chicken, pickled papaya, and a steaming hot cup of rice. [#134 Real St., Ormoc City; (6353) 255 4967]

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