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Butuan Sightseeing and Activities

Butuan Sightseeing and Activities


The ancient place of Butuan has long since played an important role in Philippine history, having been the venue of many significant events. When one is planning on some Butuan sightseeing, one should know which places to go to, to learn about the roots of the inhabitants of Butuan and understand its culture that seems to have been preserved by time.

Mount Mayapay

Mount Mayapay has always been a Butuan sightseeing destination and though one might not initially understand what’s so great about a mountain, one will get a deeper understanding of why this place is so famous. Mount Mayapay stands at over two thousand feet and this mountain has been completely carved by nature in stone. The entire Caraga region stands in awe of Mount Mayapay and this is a product of centuries of work by Mother Nature.

This Butuan sightseeing destination is very close to the Agusan Valley and many climbers have been known to attempt climbing it. Climbers are after a certain natural high and they say that upon reaching the top of Mount Mayapay, the feeling is extraordinary and the adventure one of a kind. For those who are not in the mood to climb this very tall mountain, one can simply trek until the middle, take pictures of the scenic view and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Mount Mayapay is a Butuan sightseeing destination that every member of the family will enjoy.

Agusan River

If one is planning on doing some Butuan sightseeing, one should definitely take a boat ride along the Agusan River. A big part of the culture and a significant portion of Philippine history are preserved along the banks of the Agusan River where many locals live up to this very day. The Agusan River is said to be the largest navigable river in the entire Visayas region and the boat ride itself is close to two hours.

Once in the boat, one will notice that this is a different kind of Butuan sightseeing experience especially since one is not just confined to the waters. In fact, the boat will dock at several of these communities where tourists can mingle with the friendly locals and buy a couple of souvenirs. The importance of the Agusan River should not be undermined and a local festival is held in honor of it annually named the Abayan Festival. If one is wondering why these communities have decided to settle along the banks of the Agusan River, it’s because from centuries ago, commerce was facilitated mostly on waters and not on land.

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