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The Story of a Candle Business Owner

The Story of a Candle Business Owner

Candle-making lights the future of the Ludgarda family from Angono.

Mrs. Rose Lugarda came to Angono (from Darangan, Rizal, Philippines) in 1972 to work for Rosin Candles owned by her soon-to-be husband’s family. Almost three decades of experience enabled her to master not only the candle-making process but the business operations as well.

It was 8 years ago when Rose and her husband decided to build a separate factory and run their own candle-making business. Unfortunately, this decision was the result of problems and misunderstandings with her in-laws. But fate has a funny way of turning bad things into good.

In 2000, upon the advice of her cousin, Aling Rose attended a two-day training on aroma candle-making at the Technological Livelihood and Resource Institute (TLRC).

“It was my cousin who told me about it. She herself wanted to have her own business. She told me about the TLRC training for aroma candle-making. Since I have a lot of clients asking me about aroma candles, I attended the two-day training last year.

“It was also at TLRC where I learned the art of decorating the candles,” Rose said.

Starting the business was not easy. Aside from shunning away from the shadow of the “original” family business, Rose and her husband needed a fairly large capital.

“We invested an initial capital of P120,000. We got the money from selling about 15 pigs that we raised for some time. Our workers are composed of family members. So this is now our own family business.”

On regular days, only three workers are needed to get the work done as large demand for candles is only seasonal. I visited the factory and found the whole family busy molding and packing their products for immediate delivery.

“Actually, bigger profit only comes when there are special occasions. But we continuously make candles all year round because we have dealers all over Rizal—Antipolo, Morong, Binangonan, Cardona—who sell our products. Even some of our clients from the other factory now come to us for their supply.”

Rose Candles has established quite a respectable network of dealers around the province of RIzal. Most of them are found in churches or small stalls and stores. Rose herself is renting a small place just along Kalayaan Road in Angono to sell her candles.

Rose is hoping that she can raise a bigger capital to help her business. Part of her dream is putting up kiosks in malls around Manila. “If we will have money, we would like to increase our production, purchase new and better equipment, and maybe have some stores in Manila.”


  1. Quintin De Guzman

    Hi me and my family is looking for business in the philippines thingking of opening like a small counter to sell items . Aroma candles is one of them. Maybe we could discuss this business ty.

  2. hello, i am inspired in your life experience with your business and i plan to have that business also in our town…hope you can share something ’cause i dont know yet where to buy equipement for candle making..this is my number 09289988877, pls txt or call me…thank you very much and more power, blessings in your business.


    I am interested for this business aroma candle. Kindly inform us where we can buy raw materials for making floor wax and candles. Do you have simenar so we can have more ,knowledge how to make quality wise in making candles? Hope you can help us to pursue our dreams to make a business about candles. Thank you. ELY BESA

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