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Iloilo Restaurant Guide

Iloilo Restaurant Guide

Iloilo is also caleld the economic capital of the regions in the south western part of the Philippines. Iloilo is the city with some of the progressive establishments including the restaurants.Their economy is booming also because of tourism.There are good places where you can eat with your family or friends while you stay
to visit Iloilo.

1. Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant– This restaurant is at
the third level of the Robinsons mall in Iloilo on Ledesma Street.
They serve unique dishes focusing on mostly Mongolian dishes. The
cost of the food is two hundred pesos. Guests can choose from different dishes that have unique taste. They also have other specialites. The whole restaurant is overflowing wtih an ambience so positive and lively. They always give the guest the good feeling. Their best sellers are check-a-bowl,eat-all-you-can and one-time fill all you can serving. They also have the super bowl, warrio’s bowl and emperor’s merienda.

2. Numtah Bar and Restaurant – This is located on the Huervana
Street. In La paz,Iloilo. Numtah is a restaurant that gives guest
the chance to chose among several international dishes. The people
can enjoy a casual atmosphere inside the restaurant. Many locals
celebrate their birthday and get togethers in this restaurant. It is
a good place to spend time with your friends too. The price of the complete meal can range from two hundred pesos up to five hundred pesos. Their best sellers are Basil pork Kretek, Crispy Pata and Numtah pizza. Dining here is considered fine. Their drinks are best sellers as well which include dewberry and jackieberry juice.

3. Pizza Hut– You can find this restaurant at the first floor of Robinsons Place Iloilo along Ledesma Street. This is an international pizza chain that is also a hit in the Philippines. Their best seller of course is their pizzas.They aslo serve other dishes from Italian and American cuisine. Guests also like trying their potato mojos and drinks like shakes. Many locals also celebrate their birthdays in this restaurant. Their best sellers today include cheesy pizza, cheesy pops. You should bring a budget of at least five hundred pesos. Foreign tourists like ordering the spaghetti with the tasty meatballs and the spicy chicken wings.

4. Ted’s Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy – This is a restaurant on the lower level of the Robinsons mall. Ted’s is a restaurant for the ultimate fine dining experience. Ted’s Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy is an extremely fine dining facility that serves original Filipino cuisine. Inside, the great-tasting food blends well with the casual atmosphere of the place. A person must have two hundred pesos with him to enjoy the best selling batchoy. They also offer other variations of the Iloilo’s favorite dish.

5. Mango Tree – This is restaurant inside Mandurriao in the city. The give a relaxing ambience to the guests. The owners have adorned the whole restaurant with grasses, bamboos and candles. Their best sellers are beef shank,bulalo steaks and the sizzling gambas. The price of the food is between two hundred pesos up to five hundred pesos.

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