Bacolod Festivals and Events

Bacolod City is the city of smiles. This fact is evident as one encounters a person from Bacolod City who is generally mild-mannered and soft-spoken. It is no wonder that festivals and events from this city are gaily and festive.

Masskara Festival is held every October. This is the most popular event in Bacolod. The highlight of this festival is a street parade of people wearing colorful masks and costumes dancing to the rhythmic beat of drums. This festival commemorates the foundation day of the city. Masskara Festival was originated when the sugar industry (Bacolod’s chief industry) was not doing very well. The festival has become an event that celebrates the determination and resiliency of the Filipino spirit. Good or bad times it may be, they face it with a smile.

Every April Bacolod and the whole province of Negros celebrate Panaad Sa Negros. This festival highlights the festive nature evident of all Negrenses. Every town and city of the Negros province parade banners and floats along the streets. The delicious dishes that the province is famous for are also showcases in this event. Fireworks at night add color and pageantry to this celebration.

Mainly occurring in Sagay City, Sinigayan Festival is also celebrated in Bacolod and other nearby towns. This feast is a thanksgiving to Saint Joseph. Skills, craft and dances are highlighted in this event.

Kali-Kalihan Festival, held every November, is celebrated in Don Salvador Benedicto. This is a very exotic and unique event as the ancient of beliefs of local tribes about spirits, fighting and self-defense are showcased in this festival. One feature of this fiesta is a live coal walking.

In La Corta, a town near Bacolod, residents celebrate the Pasasalamat Festival. Held in May, this is a thanksgiving festival where a colorful and festive parade is one of the highlights of this town.

The Pinta Flores Festival showcases the tradition that began during Spanish times of welcoming visitors by dancing in the streets. Every November, street dancers clad in flowers parade through the thoroughfares of the city.

Cooperation is the theme of Ugnoyan or Snake Festival. The highlights of this event are folk dances performed on the streets, sports contests and a parade of colorful floats.

Bago City, a city near Bacolod, celebrates the Babaylan Festival. This is held every February 19. The life and times of the tribes that used to live in the area are commemorated in this event. Local mythical legends, tribal music, handicrafts and ancient religious beliefs of the tribes are showcased.

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