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Dipolog Beach Guide

Dipolog Beach Guide

The instant that you hear Dipolog beaches many people instantly think of Dakak. The coastal area of Dipolog is on the northwestern side of Zamboanga del Norte. Beaches in Dipolog are often described with shimmering sand that is so pure and white. The waters are always blue and clear. The beaches in Dipolog also have good diving spots. There are still more beaches in Dipolog aside from Dakak. There are beaches that are near the Sulu sea. The Dakak is a wide beach with seven hundred fifty meters. It has white sand and it is near Dapitan. Dakak beach is ranked six on the best ten beaches of the Philippines list. Dipolog is truly proud of this honor.

Dipolog is a southern Philippine city filled with culture, history and arts as well. This place has appealed to many tourists for years. The Galas Dark Gray Beach is one of the beaches many tourists and residents there frequent. The sand here is of course gray but this is an ideal place to have a picnic. The place is regularly maintained so it is always clean. From Dipolog you can go to Galas beach by using any transportation because it is just five kilometers from the capital. The color of the sand is because of the Manganese sulphate that abounds in the sand. Many people are attracted to Galas beach because it is considered a public place which means that it is cheaper to go there. The place is very clean and the ambience is very relaxing.

The attraction to Galas Dark Gray Beach is easy to understand. Aside from being a public beach making it inexpensive to go to, it is clean and relaxing. Hearing the waves lap gently on the sand at the Galas Dark Gray Beach is enough to soothe the most troubled individual and it is a place where adults and children alike can enjoy. At the Galas Dark Gray Beach, while children go swimming, adults engage in light conversation putting aside the frenzied and hurried lives we live in for most of the week.

Miputak Beach is another beach in Dipolog where many locals would go to spend time with their families. The place is open for everyone. You can do so many sports in Miputak Beach. They can camp, skim boarding, diving , scuba diving and then walking along the shore. Some locals also like treeking along the hills that are near. There are several resorts and hotels in Miputak beach. Most of them offer tour packages or diving packages.

Camping on the sand is also a good activity you can do in Miputak Beach. Families and friends can just set up one tent and sleep over near the beach. Many working adults go here to get a release from the daily stress of earning a living.

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