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Boracay – A Romantic Getaway

Boracay – A Romantic Getaway

There is nothing as fun and romantic as a getaway vacation on the beautiful island of Boracay. Previously hidden away amidst the thousands of islands of the Philippines, Boracay is now considered one of the predominant travel destinations, both for lovers wishing to take a private vacation for a few weeks, or for couples wishing to rekindle their relationship. From lounging about along the white sands and frolicking in the waters, to taking a part in the thriving and energetic nightlife,

Most people choose to go to Boracay for its attractive beaches, and White Beach is easily the most popular. As its name implies, this beach is renowned for its white sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines, and most people often choose to spend their time relaxing under one of the many palm trees in the area, with a chain of restaurants, refreshment bars, shops, and even internet cafes not too faraway for accessibility. White Beach also sports several stalls along the area, where vendors can sell you anything from shirts to handmade jewelry made of shells, or even scuba equipment.

Another popular tourist destination is the Puka Beach, named so for the puka shells that are found along this area, and is used to fashion jewelry and other trinkets to sell to visitors. Puka beach is generally considered to be quieter than White Beach, with lesser people. Another beach is the Baling Hai Beach, which boasts of a restaurant atop a cliff that overlooks the whole area, and is perfect for romantic dinners and rendezvous.

Perhaps one of the more unique tourist attractions that Boracay offers is what natives call the Bat Cave. Far from being any mysterious superhero’s lair, the cave actually houses the next best thing: giant fruit bats that often roam the area at around sunset. Visitors are given the chance to enter the cave with tourist guides for a minimal fee, where they can be treated to a view of majestic stalactites several feet long. This area has no handrails and can be slippery at times, so before hiking into the cave, it is always best to bring a flashlight at the least- making this one of the more exhilarating and exciting adventures for the outgoing couple to enjoy together.

Spas are also a notable part of Boracay. The Mandala Spa and Villas is one of the renowned spa resorts found in the island, having been awarded as the most outstanding honeymoon destination, and the best spa destination in the region. For a standard three days and two nights, luxurious facilities and amenities are available for couples to enjoy time together, and the expert massage treatments by the professional masseuse only enhances the romantic atmosphere. Enjoy a dinner for two at the Mandala’s Prana restaurant with its luscious vegetarian meals, delicious desserts, and high quality wine. Daily yoga classes and Zen massages are even readily available.

For visitors who are also interested in environment, the Boracay Butterfly Gardens on Bulabog Beach is also a must-see. Visitors are treated to a tour of the large tropical garden, populated by rare butterflies of almost every shape and color, along with fascinating information and details regarding their life cycles. This is a perfect spot for most couples to get in touch with nature and to spend time with one another.

Now easily ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay is now an international tourist destination where people all over the world flock to when vacation season hits. With good quality beaches, the beautiful scenery and a thriving nightlife for those seeking it, Boracay is slowly becoming the place to be during the summer months.

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