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Almon Bigas, Tagalog Philippine Cuisine

Almon Bigas, Tagalog Philippine Cuisine

A rich and scrumptious Tagalog Philippine cuisine is “Almon Bigas.” This Tagalog dish traces its origin back in Spanish times. Having the looks and aroma of Chinese cooking and food preparation intricacies of Spanish culinary, this Tagalog cuisine is a savory dish of enriched meatballs in thick, white luscious soup.

For a kilo of ground beef or pork (beef is better) prepare the following ingredients for this Tagalog cuisine:

A clove of chopped garlic, three chopped onions, ten pieces chopped onion leaves, 8 eggs, and one fourth kilo fresh shrimp. As spices for this Tagalog Philippine cuisine we also need three small bundles “kinchay” leaves, two small plastic packs of “miswa” or very thin rice noodles, a small cup of soy sauce, six cups water, half table spoon salt, and 4 pieces “kalamansi” or lemon. Now we’re ready for this Tagalog dish.

To mix and prepare this Tagalog cuisine: Bore a small hole on the shell of the eggs to spill out the egg whites. Put in a container. Then spill out all the egg yolk, put in a container. Next, separate shrimp heads from their bodies. Pull off shell with horn from the shrimps’ heads; throw the shell and put the insides of the head in a pestle or pounder. Take off the shell on the shrimps’ bodies; throw the shells and put the shrimp flesh on a container. Ground head particles in the pestle and squeeze out juice using a strainer. Squeeze thrice with some water. Keep juice in a container and throw remaining head fragments. Then chop shrimp flesh finely.

To cook this Tagalog cuisine: Thoroughly mix ground beef with egg yolk, finely chopped shrimp flesh, chopped onions, onion leaves, and garlic. Pour small cup soy sauce and mix again. While allowing beef mix to cure, sauté new batch of 4 chopped garlic and chopped onions on a one-liter capacity pot. When garlic pieces are light brown, put fire on high and pour 6 cups water. When water is boiling, gradually put in spoonfuls of beef mix patties. When all the beef is in, cook for 5 minutes. Then pour in the egg whites, spreading it evenly. Add salt, “miswa” or thin noodles, and kinchay leaves. Cook for three minutes.

Serve this Tagalog dish hot with a separate sauce mix of soy and four pieces “kalamansi” or lemon squeeze in a small container. Serve this Tagalog cuisine in small bowls for each guest with an accompanying small saucer of the soy-lemon sauce mix. This recipe can serve five person.

This mouth-watering Tagalog cuisine can demand several servings from dinner guests, but despair not. One can always invite them back for another round of this Tagalog dish.

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