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Makati Hotel Guide

Makati Hotel Guide

Makati is center of commerce, trade and economy in Manila and probably the entire Philippines. Makati has the most stylish, most expensive and newest places in the entire Philippines and it is the only city where you can get all the designer labels that you need. Part of stylish living in the Philippines is also stylish sleeping and where else can you sleep in than a luxury hotel in Makati? We will introduce the best hotels with this Makati Hotel Guide to you so that you will never settle for less in Makati, Philippines.

The most popular hotel in the Philippines is also the most popular hotel in the Makati Hotel Guide, namely the Makati Shangri-La Manila. The Makati Shangri-La Manila is a five star hotel that has the best service, more than 600 rooms and many amenities such as clubs, malls and spas. This hotel is located right in the middle of Makati, Philippines and the average room price ranges at around $230.

The next hotel in our Makati Hotel Guide is the Renaissance Makati Hotel. This hotel once again reflects world class in the Philippines. This place is located along the Greenbelt shopping mall which is known for its designer labels in the Philippines. The Renaissance Makati Hotel has a total of 598 available rooms and the service is fast and good. The average room rate for this hotel is $150 and the hotel has several amenities including a pool and business area.

The Makati Hotel Guide continues with the City Garden Hotel Makati. This smaller hotel has a total of 160 rooms and the service is very good and friendly. This hotel is perfect for travelling young people who like to stay in places for a short while. You can make use of the fitness rooms or simply marvel at the sight from your bedroom window out towards the entire Makati City. Makati is the upscale district in the Philippines and the City Garden Hotel Makati reflects exactly that. The average room rate is $75 and this is a great price for its value.

The last location of the Makati Hotel Guide in the Philippines is the Oxford Suites Makati Hotel. They have a total of 232 rooms and this hotel has great views from the rooms. Although it is located in the red light district of the Philippines, it still is a good business hotel to stay in. With an average price of $65 per night you cannot complain much.

The Makati Hotel Guide concludes here, but do not hesitate to venture out to find more hotels in Makati, Philippines that you can stay in.

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