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Ormoc Transportation

Ormoc Transportation


When it comes to traveling options, there are several forms of Ormoc City transportation that one can use to get to and to get around this high class city in the province of Leyte. What brings a lot of visitors to Ormoc City is not just the beautiful white sand beaches and the warm residents, but also how easy it is to take Ormoc City transportation to get to one’s destination.

Getting to Ormoc City

The fastest and the first option that one should consider is to take a plane to Ormoc City. This type of Ormoc City transportation can be availed of for about Php1000 if one chances upon promotional offers from domestic airline companies such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Zest Airways. Promotional offers are usually done during off peak season, around June to September. Any other time, flying to Ormoc City could cost about Php3000 if it’s a direct flight. However, one can get cheaper airfare if coming from Manila by flying to Tacloban and from there take a bus to Ormoc City. The bus ride takes about two hours.

For those coming from Cebu, chances of getting a direct flight are slimmer. However, one can fly to Manila and then book a connecting flight to Ormoc City from there. This type of Ormoc City transportation should take about 2-3 hours at most.

Getting to Ormoc City can be done by combination of a plane ride and bus. For instance if one is coming from Angeles City, it’s sometimes necessary to first drive to Manila and from there take a connecting flight to Ormoc City.

Another way to get to Ormoc City is via ferry and this is a mode of Ormoc City transportation that is available to everyone regardless of whether one’s starting point is Ormoc City or Manila. Be prepared to spend around Php2000 when availing of this option.

Getting Around Ormoc City

Once in the beautiful Ormoc City, the most common modes of Ormoc City transportation are jeepneys and tricycles. For short distances and if one wants to avoid frequent stops, a tricycle might just be able to get one to one’s destination faster. Jeepneys on the other hand have designated routes and riding one is recommended for those who are familiar with Ormoc City or if one is simply feeling adventurous. Wherever one might be headed in Ormoc City, there is definitely an Ormoc City transportation that can be ridden to get to one’s destination in the soonest possible time.

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