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Puerto Princesa Transportation

Puerto Princesa Transportation


The capital of the Philippines’ ecotourism is none other than Puerto Princesa and this vacation destination is known all over the world for its pristine white sand beaches, luxury hotels, excellent restaurants and exceptional hospitality. If one is planning to visit Puerto Princesa, it’s a good idea to read up on what are one’s available options when it comes to Puerto Princesa transportation.

Getting to Puerto Princesa

Because Palawan is an island, this is not accessible via land travel alone and the quickest Puerto Princesa transportation to get here would be to ride a plane. From Manila, one can take an hour and a half flight and land at the Puerto Princesa airport. This airport not only caters to domestic flights but also international ones. Seair, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines are the biggest carriers that land in Puerto Princesa. During peak season, be prepared to spend around Php5000 to php8000 but when this season dies, promotional offers left and right could bring the air fares down significantly. A reminder if one taking this Puerto Princesa transportation is to make sure to reconfirm one’s flight bookings at least a day prior to departure.

If one is coming from a neighboring country of the Philippines such as Malaysia or Indonesia, it is possible to get to Puerto Princesa via boat. This mode of Puerto Princesa transportation can be significantly lengthy as compared to travelling by air but if one wants to see other islands before docking at Palawan’s capital, this is a good option. Travel time could take up to 26 hours.

Getting Around Puerto Princesa

In terms of Puerto Princesa transportation within the city itself, there are so many options and this can be attributed to the fact that this island caters to a significant number of tourists especially during peak season. To get to the other islands in Palawan, a good choice of Puerto Princesa transportation would be chartered boats and the more people take this option, the cheaper the per head rate becomes.

To get to destinations within the city though, there are jeepneys, buses, tricycles and multi-cabs. These are really all you need to get to just about anywhere in Puerto Princesa. If going to the town proper, there are several buses there that leave every hour to other areas outside Puerto Princesa or to drop by famous tourist sights within the city, a tricycle is a good option. What’s particularly good about the different types of Puerto Princesa transportation is that the drivers are conversant in both Filipino and English, and they are extremely accommodating.

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