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Boracay Personal Blogs

Boracay Personal Blogs

The heat is on! Specifically the ‘Summer Heat’ is on! After almost ten (10) long months of formal education, now is the time to take the backseat, relax and unwind. Since the scorching summer heat makes us sweaty, we might as well try to be wet and wild as we consider taking our time or chilling in a beach resort. Of course one of the best resorts for me would be the Boracay Island

Boracay: It’s Paradise!

One of the factors why Philippines may be remembered around the world is because of this island. Boracay Island has been a major tourist attraction since it was accidentally discovered in 1970. From that time on, Boracay Island has been developed as one of the main tourist destination particularly to those who like to independently travel or the so-called backpackers.

Best time to be in Boracay

From November until February (considered as dry season in the Philippines) the main beach is said to be suitable for swimming or very calm. During that period as well, large winds and waves define the other side of the island which is best for wave running, wind surfing and other suitable aquatic sports activities. Trained lifeguards are deployed and assigned to ensure safety (courtesy of the local government)

My ‘Beaches’

The last time I was at Boracay Island, I really tried to experience all the beaches; as in literally ‘treading the waters’ and of course the crowd! I love the ambiance and the scenery in Bailing Hai Beach. When I went there, it was maybe coincidental that it seemed that everybody was so relaxed. It was not boring, it was very at peace and I just float around the shore. The next stop for me was the Puka Beach which is at the north part of the tip of the island. Blue water, white sand and relatively few patrons defined this beach and it was a perfect picture of a tropical island. I made sure that I both a handful of local jewelries made from the puka shells the locals collected (the beach was named after the shells surrounding it) and I considered them as my ‘pasalubong’ (best or nearest translation would be ‘present’ or a ‘take home present or presents’) for my relatives and love ones.
Of course, one could never consider oneself to be in Boracay Island if one had not been to the island’s main beach: the White Beach. White Beach is the center of the island in terms of business and commercial transactions. In this exquisite stretch of powdery white sand, I was able to see all kinds of trades that tourists can surely love-from food, drinks and what not’s, visitors of this island were all well-pleased!

Boracay is definitely one of the best options if one would opt to spend his or her well-deserved free time in a tropical island. Boracay Island’s guarantee of satisfaction has been proven since the time of its discovery until this very day. Yes, Boracay is indeed a paradise!

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