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Pink Patio Resort in Boracay

Pink Patio Resort in Boracay

The island of Boracay in the Philippines is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world. As numerous as the activities that both foreign and local tourists can indulge in; Boracay also boasts of a number of accommodation alternatives. One of the many accommodations on this island is Pink Patio Resort.

Nestled in the heart of Boracay, Philippines, Pink Patio is now known as Patio Pacific Resort. It is accredited by the Department of Tourism in the Philippines and was recently recognized as a “AA” Resort. From the hotels of the Pink Patio Resort, the main hub of activities and destinations of Boracay — such as the various restaurants and bars, the pristine beaches, and the different dive sites that have attracted tourists from all over the world — is just a stone’s throw away.

Pink Patio Resort provides businessmen and other corporate visitors the chance to incorporate business with leisure. Its fully air-conditioned conference hall is ideal for meetings and other corporate functions as well as private events. Pink Patio Resort offers visitors a complete line of amenities such as wireless and lapel microphones, audio-visual equipment, a three-layer whiteboard, and overhead projector. It allows guests to select from four kinds of layouts namely banquet, classroom, cocktail, or theater. The conference room can accommodate as many as 120 persons at once.

At Pink Patio Resort, mealtime can be a feast as it provides foreigners a taste of the best cuisine that Boracay can offer. For tourists who are looking for the aroma of brewed as well as other varieties of coffee, Pink Patio Resort provides people with some of the best tasting coffee. In addition, health conscious guests can likewise treat themselves to fruit juices, sandwiches, and garden fresh salad. Likewise, Pink Patio Resort offers carefully prepared seafood using the best spices.

For people who want to keep themselves fit and proper, Pink Patio Resort is home to the only fitness center in Boracay. It houses some of the best fitness equipments such as stairmaster, free weights, multi-station, stationary bicycle, and of course, the treadmill. Visitors may wish go for a relaxing vacation on the Alpha Machine Capsule. This high technology facility provides a mixture of aromatherapy and sauna complete with stereo sound and ionized air making it the ideal rejuvenation treatment.

So for people looking for accommodations on the island of Boracay, Pink Patio Resort is definitely the place where they can get a guarantee of an enjoyable and rewarding vacation. 

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