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Tagbilaran Sightseeing and Activities

Tagbilaran Sightseeing and Activities

Tagbilaran City in Bohol, Philippines offers many destinations for sightseeing and other activities. Tagbilaran boasts of natural serene settings and historical landmarks. These are the reasons tourists frequent the city.

Sightseeing destinations are plenty in Tagbilaran City. The rich diversity of plant and animal life as well the magnificent geological features of the area can be seen by visiting various sites in and around the city. The Botanical Garden of Tagbilaran City will surely delight the eyes of sightseeing tourists. This destination features endemic plants, beautiful butterflies, a python cave, fishpond and a turtle cave. The tarsiers have made the province of Bohol famous. If one wants to see these midget monkeys, a visit to the Tarsier Sanctuary is in order. Another factor that contributed to the fame of Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. Tagbilaran City is near this group of chocolate-like hills.

Historical sightseeing destinations are also major attractions in Tagbilaran. The Bohol Museum, Baclayon Museum, Salazar Park and Blood Compact Site are some of the popular destinations for sightseeing tours. The Bohol Museum boasts unique art objects, zoological displays, botanical collections, archeological artifacts as well as memorabilia of Carlos P. Garcia. The Baclayon Museum, on the other hand, gives tourists a chance to see and appreciate the religious history of Tagbilaran. The museum known for its religious artifacts dating from Spanish colonial times. The Blood Compact Site is where the famous 15th century event of the blood compact between Raja Sikatuna and Miquel Lopez de Legaspi took place. Salazar Park, meanwhile, contains a marker where World War II guerilla Captain Francisco Salazar died fighting against the occupying Japanese army.

Tagbilaran also has destinations for those interested in the religious aspect of the city. Every Lenten season, pilgrims flock to clime Elly Hill in Tagbilaran. Supposedly one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines, the Dauis Church attracts sightseeing tourists because of its magnificent Spanish architecture. Another attraction of this church is a well located near the altar.

Tagbilaran City also has many natural wonders that are not only geared towards sightseeing but to other activities as well such as caving and swimming. Lahos Lahos Cave near the Botanical Garden is famous for its upside down cathedral. A stream feeds a bathing pool inside the cave. Spelunking is a popular activity in Mesias Cave. Beautiful cave formations of stalactites and stalagmites await the spelunkers. Another beautiful wonder is Kaingit Beach. The cool waters and serene vegetation provides a perfect setting for tourist not just for sightseeing but also for swimming and relaxing as well.

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