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Davao Government Sites

Davao Government Sites

‘Love, Peace and Progress’. These three (3) simple words are the motto of wonderful city of Davao. This city is considered one of the best known places for eco-tourism and business ventures in the southern part of the Philippines. There are actually ten (10) good reasons why Davao should be considered first in the list of ‘where to go next’.

Forward-Looking and Responsive Government

One of their city tenets in their motto is ‘Progress’ and it is not just written in their city provision but it is also seen or could be realized in the place. Modernization is the focus of their development. Since this has been their élan for expansion, they made sure that accessibility (building seaports, airports, roads, bridges and all related infrastructures) is their priority. For this reason, sustainable development could be achieved.

Investor-Friendly City

The city of Davao knows how to do business, and commerce does not only mean providing materials like network of accessibility (such as roads, bridges, etc.) but the locals of Davao approach doing business with a humane consideration. They provide this consideration by giving professional attention or guidance putting up business in Davao City.

Philippines’ Fruit Basket

The city of Davao is very blessed in terms almost all types of frits grow in profusion. There are many fruit plantations in the vicinity of the city. Davao City holds the prestige of one of the Asia’s principal banana exporters.

Recognized Laborers and Best Professionals

Davao City really values human resource as one their assets in keeping the business sustainable. Professionals and laborers of the city of Davao are cost-effective, can speak English, highly literate and competent.

Competitive Cost of Doing Commerce

Quality does not mean spending to much in Davao City. Compared to other major cities in the Philippines, quality products are cheaper and more affordable. The city’s reasonable rates in terms business related inputs are main factors why the place is best in putting up a business.

Southeast Asia’s Most Peaceful City

Believe it or not, in 10000 persons, only 0.8% is Davao City’s monthly crime rate. The implementation of similar laws of peace and order and the established central communications and emergency hotlines with the authorities made sure that everything is under control.

The Regional Core of the Southern Philippines

Davao City is the financial center of the Mindanao Island composed of financial and lending agencies. For this reason, small businesses have a place in the city of Davao to thrive and develop.

Public Utilities are Very Efficient

Davao City is a highly developed place that is very conducive for business and for residential living as well. Basic needs, supply of eater and electricity, communications and transportations are well provided and readily available. The local government of Davao City continues to improve such amenities.

The City’s Perfect Weather

Davao City is definitely a very fortunate city considering the fact that it is situated in a typhoon-free zone the all-year round. Weather has been relatively predictable compared to other places in the Philippines. This makes the city a location very strategic for leisure, business, agriculture and other related activities.

Accessibility and Connections

The city of Davao is advantageously situated in Mindanao, the southern part of the Philippines and has an air and sea connections in the country and all over the world (like the Philippine-Japan highway). The existence or emergence of the Davao International Airport had made Davao City very accessible within local and international investors, tourists and visitors.

Davao City: Sustaining its Progress

To answer the calls of changes, the local government of Davao City uses new innovations to keep up with the fast pace demands of tourism and economic wave. To present the beauty and advantages of Davao City, the local administration make use of the power of the internet (http://www.davaocity.gov.ph/) to make Davao City accessible by just doing some few clicks. The official website is very user-friendly and full of helpful information. It is certainly a glimpse of Davao City’s definition of ‘Love, Peace and Progress’.

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  1. Patricio P. Ngaseo Jr.

    Local government officials should adhere to continue restrict, ban or even at least limit quarrying, mining, urbanization and deforestation even of mound or valley areas because time will come that Davao is possible the next victim of extensive flashflood. Or even be hit by any typhoon coming from Eastern part of Mindanao

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