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Puerto Princesa Sightseeing Guide

Puerto Princesa Sightseeing Guide

Puerto Princesa City in Palawan is a major tourist destination and is considered the ecotourism capital of the Philippines. Because of the favorable storm-free climate in the city, visitors will have more time to enjoy the many sights and attractions to be found here. Our Puerto Princesa sightseeing guide will take you along the interesting places and favorite activities in this city.

The first part of our Puerto Princesa sightseeing guide will cover the one most popular reasons to visit the place – diving. This city is well known as one of the major diving destinations in the Philippines. Some of the must see diving locations here are Port Barton, Shark Rock, and Honday Bay. With the many dive sites and the diving outfitters in the area, visitors can call the place as a piece of diving heaven.

Other than diving, other favorite water activities in this little niche in the Philippines include island hopping, and snorkeling. Visitors can rent a boat for a whole day that would cost about P1,000. Tourists can enjoy the undersea life and the scenic views as they tour the islands of Palawan.

Other than the already mentioned water activities, which is a major part of our Puerto Princesa sightseeing guide, a boat ride into the underground river is also a must. Those who plan to take a boat ride into the underground river should have about P1,500 ready for the trip. You’ll need to travel overland through unpaved road and then take the boat ride going into the underground river. Don’t forget to bring your camera to preserve the memory of one of the astounding sights you’ll find in the Philippines.

The next portion of our Puerto Princesa sightseeing guide is a tour of the city. The first place to check out, which is really good for animal lovers, is the Crocodile Farm, which is one of a few in the Philippines. This place has already stepped up and has become a wildlife shelter, which simply means that there are more animals besides crocodiles that are being cared for. To top off this visit, head on to the Butterfly Garden for a relaxing picnic with the curious and beautiful butterflies.

Now, for a bit of snacks you can try Baker’s Hill for good bread and soothing halo-halo on the side. The last leg of a simple city tour would include a trip to the Mitra House to get a great panoramic view of the place.

A Puerto Princesa sightseeing guide and city tour won’t be complete without giving you a little heads up on the cost for the little excursion. Entrance fees for the different locations would usually be less than P100. The usual mode of transportation in and around Puerto Princesa City is via tricycle. You can hire a tricycle driver’s services for an entire day for about P400. If you decide to go out on a boat trip to visit nearby islands, take note that a boat rental would cost about P1,000.

Any Puerto Princesa sightseeing guide would prove to be an ecological tour. Visitors will enjoy both the fun water activities and the amazing wildlife. You will get to enjoy one of the places in the Philippines that deserves to be called paradise.

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  1. Willy

    Please inform me the costs of the cheapest pension house and costs of tours like underground river, honda bay island hopping, city tours others for 5 adults. We are planning to
    visit Palawan 2nd week of September. Thanks

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