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Leyte Restaurant Guide

Leyte Restaurant Guide

Leyte is one of the best attractions in the Philippines mainly because of the beaches with clean waters and fine sand. There are many great diving areas in Leyte as well. Leyte’s local government plays an active part in promoting tourism for the province. Leyte is filled with many businesses like restaurants. There are many nice restaurants in Leyter offering different kinds of dishes that allows tourists and locals to have a good place to eat good food and get together.

1. Chito’s Chow Bar and Restaurant – This is the Leyte
restaurant popular for good Chinese cuisine. This restaurant
was established in the city of Ormoc. It is one of the favorite restaurants of the locals. They also offer some American dishes as well as well loved Filipino dishes. Some of their best sellers are seafood soup and dishes with noodles. The price of the dish can range from forty five pesos up to one hundred fifty pesos. This is one of the cheaper restaurants in Leyte. They also serve in huge portions. The whole restaurant is actually small and the design is simple. It has a laid back ambience which relaxes guests. This is situated in the superdome of Ormoc. You may inquire at 63-53-55-3520.
2. Giuseppe’s Ristorante Italiano-Filipino – This is a restaurant serving Filipino and Italian dishes. They serve cuisines in the authentic way. They use different ingredients to come up with the best taste that will match the Italian taste. Thier best sellers are pizzas, pastas, meats and seafood as well as salads for appetizers. They also serve some American dishes. Their top selling dish is the Pizza Napoletania, Arrostomisto. The Arrostomisto is one big platter with potatoes that have been mashed and different meats. The cost of a pasta dish starts at one hundred seventy five pesos. The smaller platters begin at one hundred twenty five pesos. They also serve gourment dishes. The whole restaurant has a modern appeal. It is situated at 173 Avenida Street in Tacloban. You can ask for a resevation by calling 63-53-321-49-10.

3. Ocho Seafood and Grill – This is a restaurant popular
for their seafood dishes. The guests should buy the raw fish
or any seafood in any stall before the restaurant. The restaurant
will then cook it for them. The cost of the dish will depend on the
recipe of the dish you order. It is situated at Senator Enage Street in the town 54 in the inner part of Tacloban. You may call them at 63-53-325-4171.

4. Rafael’s Farm and Garden Restaurant – This restaurant has a
refreshing ambience. Guests also love the beautiful landscape. It is inside a lagoon where there are many small waterfalls as well as small ponds. The experience in this restaurant is quite unique because it combines the great japanese ambience and the rural Filipino life. The food are all priced fairly. A full meal with some drinks can cost a person for less than two hundred fifty pesos. Some dishes can be served ala carte and the price ranges from eighty pesos up to one hundred fifty pesos. This restaurant is situated in the Pagsulhugon town in Leyte. You can ask for a booking
at 63-53-325-0729.

5. Calle Zaragosa – Many loyal patrons call this restaurant
as the Calle Z. It has become Leyte’s famous places to hang out.
The restaurant has a good ambinece where gatherings can happen. Most
of the dishes they serve are popular comfort meals. It is often
packed at night. They also have an al-fresco section. Their
best seller are the grilled foods. The costs of a meal is seventy five pesos. You may visit this restaurant in Tacloban at 39 Independencia Street.

6. Sunzibar – This is the restaurant that offers Leyte residents
and ttourists delicious Mexican dishes. You can order their best selling burritos, nachos and tortialls. They offer a cozy atmosphere. Some dishes costs eighty pesos.The price of a complete
meal begins at one hundred fifteen pesos. It is situated in Tacloban at Burgos Street. You can call them at 63-53-523-4565.

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