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Puerto Galera Transportation

Puerto Galera Transportation

A wide array of Puerto Galera transportation options makes your trip to this tourist destination worthwhile and possible. Whether land, air, or sea, it is unlikely that you will not be able to find a mode of transport where you are most comfortable at.

Through air transport, the best option is to make your way to San Jose in Occidental Mindoro as there are no direct connections to Puerto Galera itself. However, all flights come from Manila. From San Jose, you need to go on a lengthy trip by bus or car rentals going to Puerto Galera.

Originally a US Air Force base, McGuire Field was converted for public use. Asian Spirit is the major carrier having daily flights going back and forth from Manila. Before, Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines had frequent flights to McGuire Field. The airport is very small and provides basic services such as toilets, telephones, and a modest information counter. You will need to make your way to the bus terminal in San Jose and make arrangements for public transport going to Puerto Galera there.

If you intend to tour the entire island, that is the only time air transportation becomes practical. Otherwise, taking the land-and-sea route is the most efficient and more preferred option.

The most convenient Puerto Galera transportation from Manila is the land-and-sea route coming from Pasay City. The buses frequently departs from the terminal and arrives at Batangas Pier in approximately three hours. However, you need to make sure that the bus is enroute to the pier and not the Batangas Bus Terminal.

From Batangas, you can reach the beaches of Puerto Galera by taking a boat trip. There is a wide array of boats from simple outriggers to state-of-the-art air-conditioned ferries. Another option is to hire a car and ride a roll-on/roll-off ferry.

From the island of Mindoro, you can look forward to a reliable public transportation which will take you to Puerto Galera. Chartered bancas will ferry you from Puerto Galera to the different beaches along the coastline. However, as you make a trip to the less prominent areas, transportation becomes limited and needs be arranged on a per-trip basis.

As in other regions in the country, the jeepney is a prominent Puerto Galera transportation. They are available in two sizes and are more popular than buses. They have regular trips from Puerto Galera to other cities on the island.

Tricycle rickshaws are quite popular within the individual towns and resort areas. These cabs are pedaled by drivers who are willing to travel long distance. Likewise, they can be hired on a per hour basis for leisurely sight seeing tours around the island.

These are the Puerto Galera transportation options that can help ensure an enjoyable experience touring this world-class destination.

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