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Makati Government Sites

Makati Government Sites

Progress nowadays is defined by how fast information would be made known for all. In all fields information dissemination is very vital. Talking about business, advertising is all about giving information to possible clients. Advertising has been a key part of expanding commercial investment.

Makati City and Progress

Makati City is known to be one of the Philippines’ main economic hubs. The city of Makati has been the home of various local and multinational companies and has become a symbol of economic and commercial stability in the Philippines. Many of the newly graduates (after finishing a college course) and yuppies (young professionals) seek jobs at the Makati City District because of high salary offers and great work compensations. Famous Makati City malls and shopping centers are always flocked by individuals looking for stable jobs during ‘job fairs’. Moreover, one reason why they are trying their best to seek and find a way of living or a job at Makati City vicinity is because working at Makati City is a sort of a ‘status symbol’. Having a job at the city of Makati has a notable impression.

Makati City: Now and Then

Having a chance getting back through the time of Makati City’s discovery, telling Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (the one who discovered the place) how progressive and advance Makati City is nowadays, he most likely very skeptical about it and would assert, ‘What? Makati, a progressive city? That worthless swamp-that is ridiculous!’ Nonetheless, convincing Miguel Lopez de Legazpi is less a priority right now. Moving forward, Makati City’s history had been so dramatic that it was a ‘rags to riches’ version of a place.

From a Worthless Swamp to a Distinguishes Place for Shopping Center

The District of Makati City is very strategic. The city itself is situated along the Philippines’ most renowned main highway or road the Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue or EDSA. This main road has been the main access or route connecting almost all cities within the Metropolitan Manila area. EDSA has been a historical landmark and at the same time the main artery of commerce in terms of transportation and access. Ayala Avenue has been the known commercial center in Makati City. It has a direct access to EDSA. Along Ayala Avenue are various commercial and business companies, offices buildings and big shopping centers. Familiar shopping centers or malls are SM (shoemart), Glorietta, Rustan’s and Landmark. There are other malls around Makati City vicinity that are usually crowded such as Greenbelt and Rockwell Center which features the Power Plant Mall.

The Former Worthless Swamp and the Internet

Since business and commerce thrive in this once worthless swamp, Makati City is keeping its progressive phase through the use of the World Wide Web or the internet. There are a lot of web sites dedicated or created for Makati City, but the city’s official web site (http://www.makati.gov.ph) provides locals and potential business investors a quick and helpful glance what this great city is all about. It gives an online tour of the city, showcasing the best Makati City could offer. With just a few clicks away, vital information regarding Makati City is always available.

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