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Legazpi Restaurant Guide

Legazpi Restaurant Guide

There are a lot of places to wine and dine at Legazpi City to please even the most disconcerting connoisseur. The City is rich is its gourmet Bicol Cuisine and you will also find the words best dishes right here. Finding these establishments will not be hard because the locals will be very pleased to give you directions. The following are the best restaurants we found in Lagazpi.

1.Graceland: This place is famous for its pastries. You will see a lot of the locals come here for lunch. Graceland is basically a fast food restaurant and bakery shop all in one. Their lunch menu consists of burgers and fries. Their Tapa food is highly recommended. Meals here cost on average $5. Their store is very near to near Saint Raphael Church, which is hard to miss when you’re touring this amazing city.

2.Cres Restaurant: This is a Chinese owned restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that u will not only find Chinese food here, but also the best Filipino style home cooking. The friendly staff and manager will make you feel you are part of the family. A favorite dish here is the ever fiery Bicol Express, a dish primarily made from chili peppers in coconut milk. Meals in Cres Restaurant will average around $5, which is really cheap by local standards.

3.Smoke & Grill: If you find a hotel near the airport, then this is a great place to have a quick meal. This place is a short walk from the airport, so if your hotel is nearby you should be in the same neighbourhood as this place. Recommended dish here would be the sizzlers and crispy pata. It’s a real party atmosphere here especially at night. Try the cocktails here.

4.Bigg’s Diner: This diner themed restaurant is a home grown one in the Bicol region. This place has a retro 1950s to 1970s feel to it. It has lots of collectibles from that era. This place has a branch that’s always open 24 hours 7 days a week right in the middle of the city. This is a boon for foodies who want great food at the middle of night. Meals cost between $5-$10 depending on what you eat and how much you eat. They have a delicious menu of typical Filipino menu and western cuisine.

5.Waway’s Restaurant: if you are in the mood for some great hot chili pepper-based Bicolano cuisine, then this is the place to come. As you already know this place serves very spicy food and that can be your warning label. On the other hand, the coconut milk base gravy balances out everything. You should try the crabs and squids, a true sea food delight. Waway’s is on Penaranda Street, that has a large section of busy hotels in the area.

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