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A Glimpse of El Capitan Wreck Dive in Subic Bay

A Glimpse of El Capitan Wreck Dive in Subic Bay

Wreck Diving is one of the many exciting activities that a tourist can venture in when visiting the former American naval base of Subic Bay. Its cool waters is home to various wreck diving sites that can make a trip truly worthwhile. Among the many wreck dive sites in Subic Bay, the El Capitan is one of the more popular destinations.

Located near the internal channel marker of Ilanin Bay in the Philippines, the El Capitan Wreck Dive Site is one of the most breathtaking venues in Subic Bay. It is a small freighter weighing 3,000 tons and measuring about 130 meters in length. The vessel crashed below Ilanin Bay. Its stem lies just 5 meters below the surface while its bow is situated 20 meters depending on the tide.

The El Capitan Wreck Dive in Subic Bay is ideal for shallow diving and is usually the second dive in a package. The descent to the wreck dive site begins at 18 meters, where divers can swim through the reception area. Likewise, they will be treated to a scintillating view of the tropical fish varieties located in this area.

Divers will know that they have arrived at the El Capitan Wreck Dive site once they have chanced upon a beautiful little bay which is covered by most of the vessel’s components. From there on, one would wonder why such a wreck can be located near the surface.

The hull of the vessel is now in bad shape as most of the wreckage are now scattered in various places. The El Capitan Wreck Dive site is now blessed with rich variety of marine life and provides some excellent opportunities for picture taking using the natural light passing through the holes of the once immense structure.

The huge structure is now gone. The hull is now buried under 2 centimeters of ash and sand from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. But nonetheless, the El Capitan Wreck Dive in Subic Bay can still provide an outstanding view with the wide array of marine life and provides an opportunity for a convenient swim through within the rays of light that shines down on the holes of the side of the wreckage. The El Capitan Wreck Dive is likewise excellent for snorkeling enthusiasts.

So for people who are looking for an activity that will make their trip to Subic Bay an exciting one, the El Capitan Wreck Dive site is a greatly recommended venue.

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