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Dumaguete Education

Dumaguete Education

The capital city of Negros Oriental has a couple of hidden surprises in store when you go looking for quality education. Dumaguete City has one of the best institutions and Universities in the entire region and this city is called the University Town for no other reason than that. Discover the schools and campuses that are spread throughout this little city.

The Dumaguete education always has an international flair no matter which school or institute you may choose. The schools in town are plenty and there are a total of four Universities, namely Foundation University, NORSU which is short for Negros Oriental State University, Silliman University and Foundation University. The city also houses several language schools for foreign students and it also has various school of arts and dances such as Fu.N Shop and JFCGA College.

The Dumaguete education really allows you go do whatever you really wanted to do. If you do not find your field of choice in one school then you will surely find it in another school. Part of the Dumaguete Education is also a good graduate program that is offered by all the Universities cited above. Some of them even have a Ph.D program which attracts many foreign students.

All of the educational institutions in the Dumaguete Education system give opportunities to foreign students and talented students as well with theatre programs or music programs. The athletic programs in the Dumaguete Education System are also very popular and there are annual championships and competitions held. There are even special treats if you are part of these programs such as scholarships or grants.

Since we are already talking about scholarships and grants we should probably mention that the Dumaguete Education system rewards good academic performances with scholarships that differ from school to school and level to level. Even the graduate and the post graduate programs have grants that are available to candidates that qualify the requirements. These grants usually relief the student of the full tuition fee for every semester so that they can focus on their thesis or study.

The campuses in Dumaguete’s schools and Universities differ from each other. You can see the green and clean campus of Silliman University, tailored after its American sisters and brothers while we have a pretty closed and artsy campus when you go to Foundation University. The student body is comprised of 80% Filipino students, 10% Korean students, 6% Iranian students, 2% American and 2% of other minorities such as Chinese, German, Belgian, Spanish and other European and Asian students.

You now probably realize that the Dumaguete Education system is quite stunning and elaborate as well as the different kinds of schools and Universities that you can find in this small city. Enjoy the education that you can get and be enriched academically upon your visit.

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